Rie fu – New Album: I Can Do Better

After I heard Rie fu on Hourou Musuko’s ending theme, I got interested in her voice and her bilingual songs.

According to tokyohive, Rie fu has announced that she’ll release a best-of-album entitled “I Can Do Better” on November 23. I checked the track list and I haven’t really listened to most of them but probably what I liked most on the list is Life is Like a Boat which I believe was an ED of Bleach and For You which was the ED theme of Hourou Musuko. Also, I sure do wish that Come on Come on was included in the list though it was just a part of Rie fu’s For You single.

Well enough said, I’ll be looking forward to this album soon enough and listen to more of Rie fu’s bilingual songs(:

Check-out Rie fu on Last.fm: click here.
cdjapan details: click here.
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