Bakuman – Chapter 155 & Chapter 156

One arc ended with Ashirogi’s and Niizuma’s new manga and more struggles for Ashirogi are coming upahead.

Chapter 155: Studio and Notebook
Somehow, unlike other people, I found this arc a little tiring already. I mean, yeah, it was interesting when it started. When Niizuma and Ashirogi were all fired up on making their new one-shots and stuff like that but now, somehow, I’m getting tired of it. Good thing it ended and it ended well.

I was actually glad that the arc about the serialization of Reversi finally ended. It was interesting at the beginning but I eventually got tired of it. Anyway, with Reversi’s serialization in WSJ, looks like Ashirogi’s one step closer to their dream but I sure don’t want to se Bakuman end yet.

Anyway, we all see that everyone’s actually satisfied to see Reversi being in WSJ and that includes ex-editor-in-chief, Sasaki-san. Also, after the great decision regarding the serialization meeting, it’s really good to see everyone so fired up about their manga and that includes both Hiramaru and Nakai.

Other than the firing serialization of Reversi, we also see that Mashiro’s grandfather gave him the diary of Kawaguchi, Taro. I wouldn’t say it’s really interesting because in fact, I don’t find it interesting at all. Though it was quite funny that Mashiro initially refused to take it yet he eventually enjoyed reading it. Moreover, he was able to understand Kawaguchi’s seriousness regarding his wish to marry Azuki’s mom. Also, through Kawaguchi Taro’s diary, Mashiro gets even more motivation on becoming a “First-Rate Mangaka” and make Reversi the central pillar of JUMP.

Chapter 156: Smooth Sailing and Pandemonium
As for this chapter, I believe it’s a one chapter story but this shows us the struggle Mashiro-kun went through to make his deadlines. This could practically be one of the problems he’ll be getting for having two manga serialized.

I can practically relate to this chapter really well. With both Reversi and PCP serialized, Mashiro made a schedule of which manga and number of pages to draw. He’s schedule is well made but come-back character, Ogawa-san, seriously thinks that Mashiro won’t be able to follow it. At first, everything’s going pretty smooth with the assistants being all relaxed that with a chief-editor, things seems to be going faster.

But then, after a couple of days, Mashiro suddenly feels as if he really is falling behind his schedule and might now make the deadline. The funny thing in here is the way everyone looks after working for what seems like 24hours. They all look scary. Honestly speaking, I thought that their going for another round of Mashiro’s malnutrition, good thing it didn’t happen. But Mashiro does look funny with his tired and sleepless face.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that everyone noticed that Moriya-san doesn’t like the re-appearance of chief-assistant, Ogawa-san. Right from their very meeting, when he saw Ogawa-san instructing Mashiro of what to do and getting lesser working days than them, it’s already shown that Moriya-san is getting hot-headed with Ogawa-san. But then, by the end of the chapter, it seems that Ogawa-san was able to pull off a pretty good way to reach the deadline and save Ashirogi from passing their deadline. Also, with what Ogawa-san did, Moriya-san finally cools his head off of Ogawa.  

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