Nisekoi – Chapter 1: Promise

Ahhh… so the interesting mystery that is Enigma has been replaced by some action-comedy-romance manga called Nisekoi…

Anyway, Weekly Shounen Jump is famous for releasing over the-top action-battle manga with really outstanding art. I’ve only read a couple of manga from WSJ but I’d say that I didn’t really expect to see some seemingly big romance in here that this manga could probably offer.

I’m not saying that Nisekoi mainly offers romance. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be published in WSJ at all but what caught me here is the really good comedy. It’s certainly not close enough to the comedy Sorachi, Hideaki does in Gintama, not much action-battle like those popular series and certainly not Miho-Mashiro from Bakuman cheesy type of romance. But then, this anime draws me to reading it because it just does.

Well, maybe I could give some pretty good reasons to enjoy this manga. (1) Most people enjoy the tsudendere type of character and I can definitely smell tsundere from Chitoge with how she acts towards Raku in this chapter. (2) Raku comes from a yakuza family and he’s not even physically strong at all. With that said, let’s call him the typical male protagonist who will be beaten by the female protagonist for most of the pages of the manga. (3) This first chapter is certainly good enough to give us enough background on where the story will actually revolve. A span of 3years is given but 3 short years is good enough to make lots of things for this so-called fake relationship. It can even exceed the 3years if you add Onodera as well as the possible real-relationship between Chitoge and Raku. (4) The art is insanely good. It’s neat and each panel is well drawn. Plus, the color pages are great!! :D

Moving to my impression on this chapter, opening with two children making marriage promises and holding their memories through a locket is pretty old school but who cares? It’s cute! With the main protagonist, Raku Ichijou, being a part of a yakuza family, he had a pretty rough time making friends. He meets this transfer student named Chitoge Kirisaki in a not-so-good way. They unexpectedly became classmates and with that, they landed on each other’s bad side. But then, with Raku’s lost locket, he forced Chitoge to help him find it. They get pissed off with each other but at the end of the day, we’re all pretty sure that they still do good things for each other. With Raku reaching his limit, he gave up on Chitoge. As for Chitoge, probably feeling guilty or sorry for Raku, she searched non-stopped for Raku’s locket. After giving it to him, she told him not to talk to her anymore. Also, we were given the idea that Onodera, Raku’s classmate, is the girl Raku marriage-promised years ago. But then, another thing came up, Raku’s family made a deal with their enemy family that Raku will be on a relationship with the enemy family’s daughter. And for some reasons, the enemy family’s daughter is Chitoge. Now how are they going to do this so-called fake relationship? Plus, I’m pretty sure that we’re all thinking about their possible real-relationship soon. Also, there’s still Onodera who’s clearly the girl Raku promised to marry years ago. Now, I’d like to see how this possibly action-comedy-romance will go.

I haven’t read any of Naoshi Komi-sensei’s works other than this but then, I have to admit that he certainly is a good artist. As for the story, it’s pretty typical that’s why it’s pretty easy to get readers yet at the same time difficult. Easy because it’s a typical story and difficult because some people might actually be tired of the typical style of stories. But then, who cares about that? Anyway, I plan to stick to this manga since Enigma already ended in chapter 55, with 3 chapters I haven’t read yet.

So who’s betting this manga will last a year?

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