Kimi to Boku. – Episode 7: Next to an Apple

Finally my wish came true, an episode mainly about Yuta.

What’s interesting about this episode is the fact that Yuta actually went out with another girl, Takahashi. Personally speaking, I wasn’t surprise at all because Yuta looks like a character that will actually go out with someone. But then, what bothered me throughout the episode (until Takahashi spelled it out) is the reason why Yuta is actually going out with her.

Anyway, despite having the serious atmosphere that Yuta is giving, Chizuru keep the comedy bar up high which doesn’t only give a romance feeling on this episode but comedy as well. Also, it was hilarious when they were tailing Yuta throughout his date with Takahashi. But then, under the curiosity that grew on Chizuru and Shun, Yuki looks like he’s sulking over Yuta’s “secret” relationship with Takahashi.

The drama part of this episode definitely moved me in every way. Definitely, there was a time that I feel the same way as Takahashi-san but that was years ago. Also, I certainly liked Yuta being a keen observer despite being a really silent one. This part of Yuta was also shown in previous episodes but was only emphasized in this episode and was presented in a really interesting and hilarious way.

Overall, I have to admit that I enjoyed this episode really went well. Personally, I think that Kimi to Boku is getting better and better with each passing episode. I’m certainly not looking for a grand finale but an interesting and hopefully a more dramatic, hilarious and interesting episode will be shown by then.

Episode 8 Preview


  1. I really want to see them being together again in the future. Damn the girl is soooo cute!

  2. same here!! sure do wish they didn't breakup at all..

  3. If a girl confessed to me, and she is cute as Takahashi, i'd try not the less her go. :D


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