Kimi to Boku. – Episode 5: One Summer

I guess a slice of life anime can’t be complete without a summer episode. With that Kimi to Boku’s 5th episode covered the first day of summer for this group of friends. Now, I seriously smell romance in here.
they look like happy girls :)
What triggered the group’s trip to the Summer Festival? Chizuru, of course! No doubt about that, huh? Well, before we get the there, probably one of the most interesting things that happened here is Chizuru’s idea of Shun being a girl. Yes, the issue is still on because of that long hair of his. He sure does need to cut it already.  It was pitiful for Chizuru when no one other than Shun actually accepted him to hang out. Better yet, Shun invited Chizuru to make sweets (was it?) with him. The funny thing is Chizuru’s reaction to their “hanging out” when he finally realized what they are doing. More importantly, how they look. Practically the idea is Shun’s hobby is more suitable for a girl. With his long hair and gentle attitude, he could practically be a pretty good female character.

Going over to the festival, this is where the romance level of this anime triggered even more. We all know that Masaki actually likes Shun and Shun is completely clueless about it. Plus, recalling from last week’s episode, we also knew that Kaname likes Hisako’s (Kaname’s childhood friend) sister. This was not mentioned but it’s pretty obvious, yes? Now, this episode showed that Masaki gets jealous when Shun’s around other girls. Plus, an even bigger development is actually made here. Now that Chizuru finally realized that Masaki likes Shun (he’s really slow), despite getting pissed off with her, he helped her get the bear-character in Masaki’s key-chain (am I right here?) that Shun gave which gained him Masaki’s favor (though he didn’t really ask for it). Yes, Masaki smiled at Chizuru but then, at the end of the day she still does her best to get Shun’s attention. With Chizuru’s reaction, who knows if he will further be developed to her? Nah! I don’t think anything else will happen between them - I wonder about that.

I wonder about that...

As for Kaname, nothing really much happened but he obviously showed here that he really does like Hisako’s sister and Hisako, on the other hand, is aware of it. Also, judging on how she reacted in this episode and last episode, she definitely likes Kaname. That just sucks, huh?

Well for some reasons, the twins never cease to make us laugh with how they pissed off the man in the goldfish catching booth which ended up in their favor. Plus, how Yuki actually aimed forthe prized he only liked when they were trying to get the bear for Masaki’s key-chain. But then, we also see that Yuki also has a good side when he and Chizuru found out that Masaki lost the bear.

Well all-in-all, this episode is pretty interesting. With the romantic side of the story slowly developing, things are starting to get a little bit less comedic (I think) but still entertaining the way it is. With already going half way the season, I’m certain that we’ll see more development in the story. Well, what I’m looking forward to is Yuta ‘cause somehow, he’s still not introduced very well. 

Random Quote:

"Sometimes you don't know why you like or dislike someone. -Tsukahara, Kaname" 

Episode 6 Preview:


  1. Best episode so far for Kimi to Boku.
    Finally we have some romance in the show.

  2. I agree(:
    at first, I thought that this is going to be some show with all about their everyday life.. now it's getting more interesting 'cause of the introduction of romance.


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