Sukitte Ii na yo. 04 + 05: I'm starting to actually like Mei's character.

Sukinayo is definitely you're typical drama romance series. It isn't really anything special and it doesn't really stand out in any way. But still, I watch it every week because typical shoujo is just fun to watch :3

Honestly speaking, I'm not having the motivation of writing Sukinayo but I'll feel really bad if I stop writing about this when I've already started it. I'll go watch episode 6 a little later and I'll do my best to post it soon :P ~on a side note, I still haven't seen Sword Art Online's ALO arc. I'll do my best to pull myself together and watch it this week...

Episode 4.
Despite how much I disliked Mei and Yamato last episode, this episode opened really nicely. I like how Yamato gave Mei a matching bracelet. I also like how Mei consider it as something precious that she hit a teacher just to avoid having it confiscated (although that seemed like going a little too far. LOL).

In this episode, Mei seems to not get affected so much with all the thing surrounding Yamato anymore. That's kind of nice(: I like how she stood up from Yamato's friend, Hayakawa Kakeru (Kaji Yuki), and how she helped Aiko in dealing with him. Instead of just being dramatic all over the place like how she was during the first couple of episodes, I like how she's being her strong and fighting self and is facing the people who're harassing her (LOL) because of Yamato.

Seeing Yamato punch the hell out of Hayakawa sure is a pretty good up :3 Based on what Aiko just said, this is the first time Yamato punch someone this hard (or am I recalling things wrong in here. Please do correct me if I got this part wrong~). I think that this practically just shows how serious Yamato is with Mei(:

As of this episode, I think that Sukinayo has really proven itself as a somewhat mature shoujo series that can talk and deal about the topic of sex casually and carefully. Not that we're going deeper into that. But the issue itself was dealt with care, added to the story and was done well without making so much fuss about it.

Another interesting idea that Sukinayo had presented in here is how someone would do everything to please someone they like. Going through so much lengths as she has been doing without getting what it is she's actually achieving for is a real let down. Seeing how she seems to have accepted Yamato's feelings for Mei through her conversation with Hayakawa, I think that she has done her part (and she actually made me feel that she's the Kurumi-chan of Sukinayo. LOL).

Episode 5.
This episode is kind of cute although it makes me wonder just how much more friendless people we'll meet along the way. LOL.

Let me start off with the small things :3 Kuro is really cute because he's small. Marshmallow, on the other hand, is really adorable despite how she always have that face. LOL. Fat cats like Marshmallow looks really huggable! Reminds me of Nyanko-sensei~ And by the way, I kind of like Mei's outfit this time. HAHA. It look really cute.

Mei and Yamato's date in here really just shows how fast things are happening in this series. I mean seriously. First off they Yamato kissed Mei at ep1. He confessed to her at ep2 and she practically reciprocated his confession. Next thing we know, Yamato calls Mei his girlfriend and she doesn't mind at all even though they never really talked about actually being on a relationship. Now… Yamato invites Mei over his house 'to have their kittens meet and play'. Seriously? In his place already? Can't they first meet outside in park or something? Well okay. Sorry about that. That's just me freaking out at how fast things are going~

Moving on...

Okay, I didn't see Kurosawa Imouto coming. Her story somehow resembles Mei. Kurosawa Nagi (Ise Mariya) is a pretty cute child and I like how close she is to her brother. Actually, I initially thought that she's having some brother complex there when she was getting all hot headed on Mei. Good thing she isn't. Comparing to Mei, I actually like Nagi's story more. It does seem pretty typical but for a child like her, having 'friends' coming over seems really nice. But knowing that they only want to hang out in her house because it's really convenient to play there must be really painful her.

I understand Nagi's place there. Not knowing whom to talk to about what's going on in her, she decided to stop going to school to avoid seeing those 'user-friendly friends'. Mei's encouragement to her might not entirely be the solution to her making friends but at the very least, she has probably opened herself again in accepting and placing trust on people .

As of this episode, I 'm actually pretty disappointed at how Sukinayo doesn't seem to have any strong stories or arcs. I'm probably looking for at least 2-story arcs which will involve a major struggle in their relationship. The previous episodes seem to only show how aggressive Yamato is and how stronger Mei becomes. 

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