BTOOOM! 06: when should you give your full trust on someone when you're in a survival game?

This episode is a nice mixture of suspense and test of trust.

Their run from those komodo lizards tested Sakamoto's trust in Taira-san. Sure Sakamoto himself had that habit of actually playing the nice guy but in a survival game like this, I just knew that he'll reach the point wherein he'll freak out like that.

Seeing how pissed off he is when he thought that Taira-san has left him with all the BIMs and food seem to be the most typical reaction. I mean look at him, he's running from a really huge lizard which can eat him while he's carrying an unconscious girl in his back and he supposedly alliance has left him without food. Actually, I find Taira-san's words pretty interesting. He told Sakamoto, "when you're scared, all you can think of is the worst." Taira-san didn't got mad at Sakamoto for doubting him since he also doubted Sakamoto back then.

Taira-san's BIMs are pretty interesting although disappointing because they are as weak as him. Anyway, I really admire Taira-san for having the courage to actually go back and look for Sakamoto despite the danger they are in and his condition. But then it's not really surprising to see someone like him to give his full trust on a complete stranger who has saved his life. Their bonds sure have grown overnight and it'll be pretty saddening if Taira-san dies.

What Sakamoto did in to Himiko's bomb to kill those lizards was pretty interesting. He has actually used the realism of the situation and took himself away from the world of BTOOOM! for a while there. I was seriously surprised when he left the unconscious Himiko and went up the ladder himself. Of course he's panicking like hell because of the situation they are in and that short moment that he took to feel the course of the wind has really made me think that he's abandoned them. I was like, did he seriously snapped already?

Now I was surprised at how pissed of Himiko acted towards Sakamoto after they (Sakamoto and Taira-san) took the effort of saving her. Her fear of men sure have taken over and based on the preview, I bet things will get worse for her.

An additional rule which was shown in here is the idea that you cannot use the bombs of other people. The only way you can have them is to kill its owner. I'd say it's interesting and it makes the situation even more difficult. You can never just steal bombs from people :3

Finally, looking outside the game, I was surprised to see how the guy monitoring the game seem hypnotized. The guy who took all of them in the island was there and I'm betting that he's the one behind all of this mess. BUT what actually got me going is when they said something like collecting data. SO is this twisted survival game all for the improvement of their games? OR is there some other more twisted reason out there?

As of this episode, I'm still liking the flow of the story. I like the suspense in here and how Sakamoto is also snapping out. Their run from the lizards was an interesting additional to the game. It looks like they also have to be aware of their surroundings aside from their awareness of those people who're actually killing people to survive. Next episode will be up in a few hours~ I'm really excited :3
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