Bakuman – Chapter 147: Disposables and Fighting Spirit

Bakuman is now over its 3 years of serialization!

                Nanamine-kun's company has now reached the ears of the whole editorial department. Also, the editors themselves have told their mangakas about Nanamine-kun's company and how he used the veteran mangakas in his scheme. Now that Nanamine-kun has quit on giving Azuma-sensei names, Hattori does his best to convince Azuma-sensei to continue writing and make another manga with him.

                Meanwhile, in Nanamine-kun’s company, Shinjitsu Corporation, he announced to his company that after they were made public, Jump’s editorial department cannot put the pieces they made in the magazine. With this, he made his announcement to the Shinjitsu Corporation employees that he will be the one to hold the pen and ‘write’ his manga which will be the first piece made in Shinjitsu corp. to be serialized.

                With Nanamine-kun's announcement of making his manga through his company, the editorial department resulted into a chaos in deciding whether Nanamine-kun should be allowed to be serialized or not. Many editors disagreed to Nanamine-kun getting serialized because what he's actually doing is against the editor's way of making manga. But then, the mangakas, on the other hand (Team Fukuda to be exact), wants Nanamine-kun to be serialized because they wanted to start a battle with him. They want to beat Nanamine-kun because of his way of using the veteran mangakas in his scheme. As for Kosugi, he personally told the editor-in-chief that he is not entirely against Nanamine-kun's way. In fact, he told Nanamine-kun back then that he (Kosugi) would accept Nanamine-kun's name disregarding his way of doing it. Now, for the editor-in-chief, he talked to Nanamine-kun through Kosugi's phone and told him that he is against Nanamine-kun's way of using another authors and he doesn’t even want to publish Nanamine-kun’s works. But then, Ashirogi-sensei and the rest of the mangakas insist on letting Nanamine-kun get serialized because they wanted compete with him. So the editor-in-chief gave Nanamine-kun a condition to be serialized: (1) He has to make a one-shot to test the series and (2) He has to make the top 3. As Nanamine-kun analyzes the results he was able to obtain from the veterans, chances are he can actually make it.

                Now, with chapter 147 ending up like this, it looks like things have gotten fancier than I expected. Looks like team Fukuda has again engaged in another difficult battle. With this given, I'm thinking that some parts of this story might end up similar to the End-of-Crow-arc. Hopefully not. Also, Nanamine-kun's rage over Ashirogi-sensei has increased knowing that Ashirogi-sensei is actually involved in wishing for his (Nanamine-kun) serialization. I remember Nanamine-kun saying that the editor-in-chief is also in favor of Ashirogi-sensei. Personally, I would like to see Nanamine-kun serialized because I would like to see what his next series would be. Though chances are, it will be similar to PCP since his real goal is to bring Ashirogi-sensei down. Also, if nothing goes wrong, meaning no betraying (or the likes) happening inside his company, he could bring Ashirogi-sensei down. What I'm trying to say here is Hibiki's doubt (is it?) on Nanamine-kun. I mean, he's the only one in the company that knows that Nanamine-kun was the one who quit on Azuma-sensei. I do think that this could be the hole on Nanamine-kun’s company or plans. As for Azuma-sensei, Hattori is still busy convincing him to make a manga. Well, I don't have anything against it. I guess he can do what he wants. Probably Azuma-sensei's possible serialization could have nothing to do with Ashirogi-sensei.


  1. I actually watched the anime of this. and I loved it to bits!

  2. I've watched the anime as well && really loved it.. it was actually the reason why I started reading the manga :D

    btw, the second season's gonna start this October1(:


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