Black★Rock Shooter OVA (review)

I have always been in awe with how great the character design is for BlackRock Shooter but after watching the OVA, I hated myself for over expecting. Sure, BlackRock Shooter is a popular OVA and after watching it, I have no idea why is it popular.

I have to give a good cheers to the pretty interesting opening. I always believe that a good action-battle anime is always best to start with an interesting and intense battle. With pure silence, BlackRock Shooter opens in the middle of the battle between a girl with a black dress and long horns and a girl with a huge launcher and blue fire in her eye. It was intense and it was good. I was stunned with the art and graphics. That has got to be BRS's best point.

The actual story is basically about two really close friends but due to certain changes, they grew farther from each other each day. Mato Kuroi (Hanazawa, Kana) and Yomi Takanashi (Sawashiro, Miyuki) reminded me of Kagura Tsuchimiya and Yomi Isayama from Ga-rei: Zero. The really close friendship and the action (but BRS has lesser). But then, BRS, on my point of view, had a problem regarding the battle. Sure, it was good but it wasn't that interesting. It lacks something but I seriously can't explain it. Probably more emotions on both the battle and the drama part of this story. Further more, because of the lack of time since it's a one-episode OVA, it didn't had much time to tell the entire story (if there was any) and touch its viewers.

I wouldn't lengthen this review. In a quick view on this OVA, as mentioned, it's strongest point is the outstanding art which I had to admit really did attract my attention. It’s worst point on my opinion is its almost interesting plot but poor execution. 

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