Bakuman - Chapter 164: Decisions and Delight

While reading this, I'm really fired up for the decision and after reading it, I was like: seriously!?!?!?!!!!

 ZombieGun's name for anime.

Niizuma really is an amazing mangaka. The idea of writing different names and a separate track for ZombieGun's anime adaptation is pure talent. It's not easy to write two things at the same time and keeping them both in high quality. BUT then, I guess if it's Niizuma, it's possible.

The editor-in-chief's decision.
Okay, the decision sure was quick. He said one month but after Hattori told Ashirogi that the editor-in-chief will still think about it, next thing we know, Hattori's running back at Ashirogi's and announcing the great news. AND the 1-page of pure "WHOOOOAAAA" sure was epic. lol.

The Battle for the REAL FLAGSHIP & the future of WSJ.
While Ashirogi's celebrating, Niizuma's sulking (again) because ZombieGun wasn't chosen. BUT after Heishi-san gave Niizuma a call, that sure made him all fired up again :D

Bakuman is nearing its ending?
Based on the rankings which I am religiously following through livejournal, Bakuman is never at the bottom of the list. Moreover, it's usually at the top10 so chances are, just because this chapter stated that Ashirogi'll be having an anime soon doesn't mean that Bakuman will end. I'm pretty positive about the idea that Bakuman will go on, hopefully for another year, and the following arc looks like an interesting one. Niizuma being all fired up. Mashiro finally getting his happy ending. Ashirogi finally getting their anime after 4 tries of serialization. 

What'll happen next? I'm excited to know but the highest possibility that could happen right now is Miho not being the heroine of Reversi. Better yet, if the heroine of Reversi became the voice actress that Mashiro met at the party at Chapter  161, that will add up to the excitement of the manga :D
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