Another - Episode 3: Bone Work

A couple of questions are answered but more rises.

One thing's for sure, what's behind the eye-patch isn't important. What's important is the story behind it. She did said that her left eye can see "things that should remain unseen". Does she mean ghosts? Who knows? The reason for it being a doll's eye probably isn't much of a question since it can clearly be scene that she has some connections to the dolls and the shop itself. What I want to know is what it is.

is he scared or what?
Anyway, it's right this episode that I liked Kouichi even more since finally, he showed curiosity and suspicions. Moreover, I liked it when Kouichi finally showed that he's scared when he asked Mei about her business in the hospital when they met. AND he remembered that Mizuno, Sanae (Yoshida, Seiko) said that the girl died was named Misaki or Masaki (and she confirmed that it's Misaki), the old lady in the shop said that there are no other costumer and Misaki is an only daughter. BUT what's even interesting is when Mei actually told Kouichi about the story 26 years ago AND told him that the girl's name is Misaki. Kouichi's face is EPIC.

Once again Izumi has made me notice her again. AND on the looks of things, she has gotten interest on Kouichi. Well, I don't really know for sure but I would like to see their relationship development more and see what really is Izumi's role here.

don't mess with things that don't exist.
Other than Izumi, Sakuragi sure is an interesting character as well. She's like someone really crazy yet looking calm on first impression. Moreover, Kouichi's curiosity has definitely gotten to the next level that he has been asking people about what happened the following years after the incident 26 years ago. BUT what is annoying is the idea that the people are still avoiding the issue even though it's clear than he has an idea and now wants answers. The question that lies in here for me is why Teshigawara said that he'll tell him about it next month? Why not tell him now if he'll tell him anyway? Also, looks like things have gotten more interesting when he actually told Kouichi to "not mess with things that don't exist". No second doubts, he surely mean Mei in here.

Finally, Kouichi asked Misaki about his number one curiosity since the first day and Mei answered him fast and directly without even letting him finish his question. "I don't exist", she said. Moreover, she said that no one else can see her other than Kouichi AND I was pretty certain of that until this episode when I saw Kazami's reaction when Kouichi went to the rooftop when he saw Mei and Sakuragi when she freaked out when (I assume) she saw Mei and started running off and finally met her doom through her umbrella. That scene is probably the most well done gore-scene (if you can consider it gore or whatever) I've seen yet on anime. The point of her umbrella clearly shown at the back of her neck, it wasn't darkened, censored or pixilated. It made me freak out and cover my eyes when I was watching it the first time, the second time and even the third time. Great job P.A. Works.

For this episode, quite a number of questions rose again. The number one has got to be, what is the rest of the story about the incident 26 years ago? Who is Fujioka Misaki? I was heck curious so I checked the character list in MAL but she wasn't there. Is Mei faking their relationship? If so, what really is the reason why was Mei in the hospital that day? Also, since I've been curious about Mei's connection to the doll shop and since she mentioned Kirika being the one who's making the dolls, who is Kirika and what is her relation to Mei?  From this episode, I'm assuming that everyone can really see her since Kazami seems to see her as well as Sakuragi but pretending not to. Why is this so? Is it because she's dead or is there something else?

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