Nisekoi - Chapter 8: Home Visit

I hate myself for not reading this chapter earlier

 Ruri knows everything.
If you really know someone and for instance, you hangout with him/her for like all the time, there's a high possibility that you'd know whom he/she likes without even asking or being told too. AND that's exactly what we had this chapter. It was funny how surprise Onodera was when Ruri told her that she knows that Onodera likes Raku. Moreover, Onodera was even MORE surprise when Ruri told her that Raku likes her back.Probably one the best things you'd like to hear but something difficult to believe as well at some point.

Moreover, looks like Onodera has moved on the attack. Now that's something new and good to see(:

Study Group

Both Onodera and Raku sure are funny. It's the really cute kind of love that reminds me of Miho and Mashiro from Bakuman. They both get nervous around each other and they somehow get difficulties approaching each other. It's the innocent kind of love! :3
Moreover, it's funny how Chitoge actually wants to ruin Raku and Onodera's moment. Like how she helped Onodera with her Math problem and when she asked Onodera if she has someone she likes. Onodera's && Raku's reaction = FTW! xD

On the side note, I never get tired of Raku's different WTH faces.

Raku's friend is Souma :))
Okay, so I didn't got the idea that he knows Raku likes Onodera until the cake incident when he was looking at how Raku reacts. BUT then, when he said that he didn't said anything because he was amused really makes him like Souma from Working!!. Moreover, things have gotten even MORE interesting when he told Raku that Onodera likes him x3

At this point, I'm really glad that I've not yet gotten anywhere near disappointment because of the continuous excitement and revelations each chapter. I wonder how long can Komi-sensei keep this up.
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