Nisekoi - Chapter 9: Getting Closer

An obvious trap.
The Yakuza really have done it now. I can pretty much declare their trapping operation a success. First off, just when Raku and Onodera were on some pretty good knowledge of liking each other, the Yakuza trapped Raku and Chitoge inside a dark room. Second, looks like Raku has saw Chitoge's feminine side and on the looks of things, he just might like her. The way he describe her and saying that she's cute, there's no doubt that he's going to like her one way or another. Third, Onodera just saw Raku with Chitoge in a misunderstand-able way. AND finally, read Chitoge's description of Raku in her diary (or whatever).

When everyone knows everything, Chitoge knows nothing.
It's funny that I actually thought at the beginning that Chitoge actually knows that Raku likes Onodera but I was stand corrected when they suddenly talked about Onodera while stuck in the dark room. She might have been blind, deaf or whatever and it's funny.

and he was half-nervous.

Claude is back in action!! Oh where have you been Claude? HAHA. AND in his come back, he actually sees a close-to-a-kiss position of Raku and Chitoge and it's not tolerable for him. Remember Chapter 2? :)

AND for some reasons, the ending wasn't that exciting but what we all know now is that the real relationship between Chitoge and Raku couldn't be that far away.

-on the side note: is it just me or is this the first time Raku's friend's name is given? Shu Maiko.
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