Kill Me Baby - Episode 1

I was really glad that I picked this show up.

I was a little hesitant in picking this show since it was a pure comedy but then, I was reminded of Nichijou was on the same genre.

Surely the first episode was not even a bit disappointing. With only three characters introduced, Kill Me Baby was never short on comedy and punch lines. It somehow reminded me Nichijou which also had the same quick jokes and had lots of them though Kill Me Baby had some rough transitions in between jokes but that's pretty fine.

This episode practically gave us a good look on each characters. There's Sonya (Tamura, Mutsumi) who's suppose to be an assassin but for some reasons, she's scared of almost about everything while her friend, Yasuna (Akasaki, Chinatsu), on the other hand is the energetic one and always gets hurt by Sonya when she greets her in the morning. And for some reasons, she reminded me of Yuuko from Nichijou :D Moreover, Agiri who's said to be a ninja was also introduced along with her false ninja tricks or 'jutsu' which was really funny.

What's noticeable about Kill Me Baby other than the simple yet really funny characters is the background art. The background people were simple and looks the same and they look like cut-out drawings but it's fitting enough for the anime and it gets you to focus more on the main characters themselves. Also, the backgrounds were really comedic. They look fun with the crayon-styled background.

Overall, Kill Me Baby is certainly an anime worth watching for those who likes comedy-type of anime and definitely something to avoid for story-type fans. This also looks like something that will appeal to Nichijou fans like I mentioned above(:


  1. so this one is for me, right, ditch? :)

  2. lol. yup. you should watch Nichijou as well :P

    i have the complete 24-episodes in my external hard drive :D


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