Bakuman - Chapter 162: Hot Spring and Two Nights

Lots of things happen and this chapter still made me feel warm(:

 Reversi gets an anime. Soon.
We all know that Reversi will get an anime (or will it?) because of its overwhelming popularity as well as the fact that the volumes are selling really well. AND  as expected when Tanabe Futoshi, a guy from ANN, both Mashiro and Takagi freaked out. Nothing new, huh? What's pretty good in here is the idea that Ohba-sensei seems to be giving some pretty good hype on the possible conclusion of Bakuman but still, who knows, this manga could still go on for another two or three years without Ashirogi Muto getting an anime. LOL.

For some reasons, I've hated Kaya since the very beginning and no part of the manga nor anime made me like in even the tiniest bit. And yes, that includes the arc when she concluded that Takagi is cheating on her. In fact, I hated her even more for easily jumping to conclusions without even a little talk to Takagi.
Anyway, back to the current chapter, it's nothing new that in this chapter she's even more annoying than ever. Yes, she's drunk and she's bossy. AND I pity both Mashiro and Takagi for getting stuck with her but I guess by the end of the day, Kaya is still always there to help out Ashirogi when they need her and probably that's Kaya's biggest role for me. LOL.
To always be good friends…
I really liked it when Mashiro said that his wish was "to always be good friends with Shujin and Kaya-chan like I am now." More or less, I could also wish for the same thing. It's practically simple and not really something we would think about when wishing. But then, after reading this, my mind suddenly drift off with random thoughts about my friends back then etc. as well as jealousy to Mashiro and Takagi's long and unbreakable friendship. Sure do wish I can find someone like that.

A pretty good way to even raise the hype
Ohba-sensei didn't end the Reversi anime adaptation hype in the beginning. The way he ended the chapter with another hype of Reversi is really catching me. I'm pretty sure a lot of fans would cheer for Ashirogi's Reversi to get the adaptation BUT we all do know that ones an adaptation is made, it could mark the end of Bakuman that's why I'm betting that it's either non of them will be chosen for the adaptation or ZombieGun will be chosen.

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