BTOOOM! 04: that match was amazing! Now I'm ready for a re-match!

This season really doesn't disappoint. As of this week, I'm really getting a hard time picking favorites because most series are already getting into me. BTOOOM! as one of the series I've already liked since the beginning, I like how it's been very consistent with its style. The story telling is just good, the intensity of the battle between players is amazing and the characters are just great.

Now before getting to the great bits of this episode, I'd like to go through Kira Kousuke (Sawashiro Miyuki). First off, Sawashiro really did an amazing job in him. She's really good at this kind of characters which makes me really love her! I just remember her voicing Sakigami Toto from Deadman Wonderland.

As I have said last episode, Kousuke is the type of character that I'd like to see. Seeing his past strengthens my reason - he's abused by his father and he killed and raped women. And for the record, he's 14! Damn, that's insane. What happened to him is definitely because of how he was raised. But okay, seeing him enjoy playing BTOOOM! for approximately 40hrs and saying that it's a new record was just stupid. As for his father, I know his crazy, scary and all but Kousuke himself is definitely defective already (okay that seemed like a wrong way of describing him. LOL).

I have no idea what is the basis on choosing the people who participates in this game. So okay, Sakamoto Ryouta is a BTOOOM! player. He's Japan's no1 player. Himiko's the typical female player who'd play just for fun and stuff. Taira-san could be a typical office man who also plays OL games. There are people like that, okay? Their addiction to BTOOOM! could be the reason why they are in this mess. But for Kousuke's father and lawyer, I don't really see any clear reason why they'll be in the island or even play BTOOOM! in the first place.

Now getting to where episode 3 left off, it's suppose to be the 2nd day of the game and Sakamoto together with Taira-san meets Kousuke. Just looking at him is definitely scary. Who wouldn't get freak out by how casual he takes his father's BIMs?

The battle scene between Sakamoto and Kousuke is my fave part of this episode. It's just really amazing. Seeing two dedicated players of BTOOOM! face each other head-on is insane. It's also nice how they notice each other's abilities right off the bat. Sakamoto even gave rankings. But thinking about it, it's funny how they can be this good. Probably Kousuke is this good because he's psychotic. And insane people like him could be good at this but what really surprised me was Sakamoto. Probably he's a good tactician in the game but take a NEET off the PC and he's probably nothing but a coward and weak otaku (okay, maybe not entirely but you get the point). ~On a side note, it's pretty nice that Kousuke actually knows Sakamoto :D (of course he should, he's addicted to BTOOOM! anyway).

It wasn't even surprising that Sakamoto didn't even killed him. Sakamoto doesn't really look like the character who can kill yet. As of now, I still view him as someone who can't kill anyone and hasn't really been influence by the craziness of this scheme. Could he be someone (as the main character) who can find a way out of this mess without actually killing people? Either way, looks like Taira-san's not killing anyone either but he's picking up radars for survival. Makes me wonder if he'll change his way of thinking soon and actually start killing people.

Based on the preview, we'll finally see Sakamoto and Himiko together. It's a team of three! That won't be a nice team. It's not going to be cut off for survival. Anyway, what I'd like to see here is how Sakamoto will convince Himiko to join them :3 And I'm really itching to find out what's up with those BTOOOM!'s makers. Why the heck did they set this survival game?! / Д゚)/
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