WEEKEND READS | Walk on Earth a Stranger + Mortom

one of my 2015 most anticipated reads.

I talked about how life has been for me during this past month in my book haul post yesterday. It was mixture of good and bad. But I survived it. I'm done with that and I'm going to focus on things to come right now.

This past week I finally picked up Walk on Earth a Stranger which I'm sooooo happy about. I placed In Gallup, Greed on-hold but I'll get back to it after Walk on Earth. I think I'm kind of getting burnt out with all these mystery-thriller. I still like them, really. Mortom which is my other read for this weekend is a mystery-thriller but I think that I need a tiny break from them.

I know I kind of promised a couple of reviews last week but I didn't made it. I have them written out already but haven't formatted them on the blog. I'm generally just procrastinating. haha.
Bullet in the Blue Sky | Bill Larkin
This is a very intriguing book that had me reading fast. There's this search mission then there's this non-stop action. There's always something going on. But that isn't the only thing that had me going on this book. Once Detective Shaw was found, this just started getting even more interesting. So really... check out my review, check out other reviews, and hopefully you decide to read this book :)
The Reaper (the Children of Wisdom #2) | Stephanie Erickson
Middle. Book. Syndrome. Book one, The Fate, was a pretty decent read. I liked it. I liked Penn. I like the writing. I like the progression of the story. But this one? There are questionable things. Really slow progression. Annoying Penn. Unimportant events. I'll have a mini-review soon!!

Walk on Earth a Stranger (The Gold Seer Trilogy #1) | Rae Carson
One of my most anticipated books of 2015. I'm finally read it! You guys probably know that I LOVE historical fiction. SO when I found out that this series is going to be about the California Gold Rush which is something I have not read about before, I just NEED to read it. Anyway, I really like the idea that Leah can sense gold but I read in reviews that it's not something that's shown so much through out the book which is fine for me. 
Mortom | Erik Therme
This is actually a pretty intriguing novel. I'm reading this one real fast. There's mystery and it feels like a puzzle kind of mystery -- the murdered guy set up these clues up before he died. He knows he will die then? Surely. But did he commit suicide? Oh believe me, with these kinds of mystery... I bet he did not commit suicide. I bet he was murdered and he knew the guy. He knew it'll happen. OR something entirely surprising might happen. Like maybe surprise! He's not dead. But whatever. I'll find out soon.!!

Into the Light (Into the Dark #2) | Caroline T. Patti
Release week just past. I'm reading this after Mortom which will most likely be Monday or Tuesday. Into the Dark wasn't that great but I'm hoping this will give justice to the duology.
In Gallup, Greed (Cinnamon/Burro New Mexico Mysteries) | Tower Lowe
Yup. I'm putting this here. I did say I placed this on-hold. I'll pick this up immediately after I finish Walk on Earth a Stranger.

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How about you friends, what books have you recently finished? What are you reading right now? How is it, are you enjoying it? What do you plan to read next?

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Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang | Under My Skin by Laura Diamond

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