AUGUST BOOK HAUL (aka the Birthday Month Haul)

birthday haul.
S.  by J.J. Abrahams & Doug Dorst | Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel | The Passage by Jutsin Cronin | Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick | The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson | All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr | In Gallup, Greed by Tower Lowe (not in photo)

My birthday month was a mixture of good things and not so good things. First off, these books I got came from my dad who's totally supporting my reading hobby. I was about to get A TON MORE BOOKS but decided not to (had to drop a lot which includes ACOMAF and The Wrath and The Dawn and Dark Matter and a few more). I really don't think it's right to take soooo much -- I mean take advantage of the offer. I don't even know why I'm like that. I'll get those books some other time. I'm sure of it.

Second, I mentioned in my last weekend reads post that things have not been going well with my undergraduate thesis. I'm having some issues with this thesis group mate and friend. It's quite difficult to tell her that she's doing things wrong. My other group mate and I keep on telling her that we don't need this, we have to scrap this, blah-blah-blah. She doesn't listen. I want to save you, friends, all the trouble. So I'd just say that things are not going well for us and we're completely off schedule and I'm trying not to be angry at her.

Savage Reckoning by C. Hoyt Caldwell | Curious Minds by Janet Evanovich & Phoef Sutton | Girl Number One by Jane Holland | At Risk by S.G. Redling | Mortom by Erik Therme

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Thirdly, I'm so happy to say that because of the recent events (both good and bad, the little and the big things), I finally started journal writing again. It felt like it has been so long since I last wrote on a journal and it felt really great just writing everything out. I'm also so happy to see how my journal writing changed so much since the last time I write. My journal writing right now looks and feels like my review writing (which is weird, funny, and just feels so clear to read).

Finally, on to more personal things, life has not been good at home. Let's just say that there had been major arguments here and there which does not actually involve me but still affects me. Because we're a family. And that happens. It has been a week (more like since Monday) since things have gone wrong. If it goes for another week or two I know I'll just break down. But hopefully that won't happen. Really here crossing my fingers and wishing and praying that everyone's tempers go down and everyone just try to understand everyone.

SORRY FOR ALL THE RANT AND SAD TALK AND STUFF. All this talk felt more like a round-up than a haul post. haha. But I really just need to let all these things out because I never really told anyone close to me. And since you, friends, don't really know me personally (and my friends and family don't really read my blog), I feel really comfortable just writing these down.So thank you for your patience and sorry for all these talk :)

*             *             *

How about you guys, what books did you get this month? How many of them have you read? How was your month? :)

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