Nisemonogatari (series review)

When I found out Nisemonogatari airing this Winter season, I had no doubts of adding it to my watch list. Being a direct sequel of the outstanding anime, Bakemonogatari, it's no wonder why many anime fans are looking forward to this series even before the season starts. Now that it had come to its end, I wouldn't say I'm disappointed rather I'm pretty contended with how it turned out.

What's basically good about how Nisemonogatari turned out is how it takes its story slowly. Remember how Bakemonogatari was like? It was a 15-episode anime which focuses on around 5 (is it?) different arcs. Expectations aside, Nisemonogatari definitely took the 2-arcs in 11 episodes pretty well. Of course each episode doesn't entirely on its objectives. Each episode is made interesting because of the comebacks of the girls Koyomi helped in Bakemonogatari. Their take on those part of the story is pretty good. I'd say that this is a very well done serious comedy with a pretty good script. If I have to give my number one reason of ever re-watching this series, it's basically because of the countless serious comedies it gives right from the very first episode given that you've watched Bakemonogatari, that is.

What's to complain about how this series turned out is pretty out of the question. It's basically its over-the-top fan service that can easily be notice in each episode. I wouldn't say that viewers doesn't like it. I'm pretty sure that many Nisemonogatari fans enjoyed it but I guess there could be times that it takes over the show that the story itself gets less attention. Though it could be a bother for others, I don't really mind that idea. Here's just one tip in watching this: don't expect so much just because it came from the outstanding series, Bakemonogatari.

Story-wise, it basically focuses on the story of Araragi Koyomi's (Kamiya Hiroshi) younger sisters. It's pretty good to see his sister now taking the main role after they have taken such small roles on Bakemonogatari. It was interesting to see the loving relationship between the three of them (and I seriously thought that the younger sisters really hate Koyomi) - Koyomi's love for his sisters and his willingness to fight for them no matter what. The conclusion of the anime isn't really the outstanding conclusion material. The final episode simply ended the 2nd arc and that's it. "To Be Continued", it says. Yeah, we could all probably wish for it to continue but with a better execution in each episode and more focus on the matter in hand than other unimportant things. Oh, and more serious comedy and Araragi Koyomi monologues(:

Character-wise, I have to say that they were pretty good. Probably characterization is also Nisemonogatari's (or probably the entire Monogatari Series) strengths. Each character is interesting in their own way. Though a number of new and intriguing characters are introduced in this sequel, I have to admit that Araragi Koyomi is still my top pick among all the characters. This could be my personal bias of seeing Koyomi as my type of onii-chan and I guess it could be true. Despite being a loli-con which is part of his interesting characterization, he also does a lot of serious comedy and one-man acts. His natural desire to help other people and the need to be strong (mentally) always comes in handy. He may not be physically well in fist fights but he could probably take any suffering he had to for the sake of the people he loves - particularly his sisters. The fire sisters weren't that interesting for me most especially Karen (Kitamura Eri) who's more into justice and using physical fights to get them. As for Tsukihi (Iguchi Yuka), I'm not a huge fan of her but when I have to choose between the two sisters, I'm definitely choosing her. Her character seems pretty interesting given how she actually reacted when she saw Koyomi and Karen having the time of their life as well as when she saw Shinobu and Koyomi in the bath :>

Shaft has got to be one of the production companies that amazes me with their art. I practically see some of their works that I've seen to have the standout factor in them. One good example has got to be Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica which had that interesting dimension (which I can't really recall what it was called - or does it even have a name? LOL.). Anyway, it's pretty noticeable how bright and beautiful Nisemonogatari's art is. It's just beautiful. Other than the bright colors and the countless texts that are always shown with a plain colored bg, the peculiar things that are shown (I have no idea how to say them. LOL.) are really good. Moreover, the character designs are as flawless as even. Emotions are well shown. Koyomi's face while he was being beat down at the last episode was EPIC. Overall, the art is pretty neat and outstanding.

Finally, there could be a lot of things that can be said about this series but in simple words, Nisemonogatari is a pretty good anime to watch. It's not as outstanding as its prequel, Bakemonogatari and it's not entirely a waste of time as well. I'll say it again, don't expect anything outstanding if you're a story-base type of person. Expecting = disappointment. Remember that. Good serious comedy = Monogatari Series. Fan service = abundant. Watch this if you want them C:


  1. To be continue. At the end of Nisemonogatari. I'm so looking forward to the continuation. I agree that Bakemonogatari is far more superior because of the storyline. But when it comes to fanservice Nise is the way to go.

    1. now we have to wait for Kizumonogatari and for more of the Nisio Isin's Monogatari series :)


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