Another - Episode 12: Stand by oneself

Final episode and somehow I don't know what to feel about it.

Truth be told, after watching episode11 I just couldn’t stop myself to search for spoilers and POOF! The same night, I watched episode 11, I knew who the extra one is. Not satisfied with what I read, I took the time to read through the manga and not to my surprise, it sure had some differences from the anime.

I wouldn’t like to go on the details of the episode but what do I generally think about it? It was decent. It started off pretty well though not really what I was hoping for. I'm mostly thinking that this episode will continue with a scene of Kouichi and Izumi together where Mei left them off. BUT what happened? The opening was a little mess, I guess I could say it at that. The students were flattened by ahuge chandelier and one still stood up and was killed by a fallen column. Teshigawara and Mochizuki were running away from the old lady - who for some reason is trying to kill them. Kazami's gotten psycho because of Teshigawara. Izumi suddenly met Mei at the main lobby and went off to kill her and so on.

If this episode is trying to keep up with the well made psychological chaos and deaths that happened last episode. Well, for me, they failed. It wasn't exciting or anything at all other than confirming that Kazami has gotten psycho. Izumi sure have gotten a little off by the last episode. Her scene with Mei in the anime sure is completely different from the manga but I don’t really want to complain much. The anime has its own version of the story. Which one is more interesting? I can't tell for sure. Which one I liked the most? Can't answer because I don't really know.

This episode practically took 3 chapters in the manga, as far as I can remember. Maybe I could say that one reason this episode went pretty bad was because it was rushed. The rushed feeling it gave somehow seemed off with Another's usual slow pacing as it gives its viewer time to think. This episode, from where it left off in episode11 where everyone's just getting killed and panicking, Another started to pick its pace up. Though episode11 was actually done in an interesting manner while this episode was done to just make a conclusion. Some of the art and animation were a little poor and there aren't much notable scenes.

Was I satisfied with Reiko being the extra one? With all the over thinking I did in this series which I have never done before, I'm not really upset or dissatisfied with who the extra one is. I think that Reiko being the extra one was just fair enough and falls under the unexpected part of the story which is pretty good. Reiko's death, on the other hand, didn't even seem dramatic or anything even though it was Kouichi who killed her. Practically, I'm wondering why is it that P.A. Works actually disappointed me in this episode. With how Another ended, I sure can't make up my mind about including it on my top list this season or what.

I'll post the series review next time :)

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  1. You know. After reading your review on this much of my own hype has calmed down. Like.. when I saw those last two episodes I suppose I also got into it and lost track of what's important due to so much action just being constantly bombarded. You're right. There's a lot that happened within those episodes that was never explained very well. People dieing left and right. There's a fire in the dining room - not explained. Manager's become a killer - not explained. We're not even told if that kid who had asthma lived or not (though assumption is that he was alright). Neither is it explained how Kazami managed to live and it didn't state his reason for going crazy very well. Reiko being the extra was something I did not see coming. I guess that's because we've always assumed that the extra must be one of the students so I'll take that as a bit of a twist.

    I haven't read the manga though I take it that you have? Would you say that I should read it too? Does the manga end where the anime did or does it continue the story further?

    1. yeah, I believe that this series had been pretty good until this last episode. When we all thought that all questions'll be answered, they added things that they didn't explained - the fire at the dinning room & the Manager becoming a killer really did became my top questions there.
      As for Reiko being the 'another', it really was a pretty good twist since we're all thinking (or most of us) that the 'another' has got to be one of the students. Maybe this is their first case to have an 'assistant teacher' as the extra one.

      I didn't read the entire manga, I just looked for the part where episode11 left off and apparently it wasn't there and I saw episode10 (which is chap17) - where the ending is when Teshigawara unexpectedly 'killed' Kazami. They practically ended the same though they were quite different as I have mentioned, chap18-20 was only ep12 in the anime, and there were scenes that came in really different as far as I can remember.


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