Sankarea - 01

I hate the idea that there are so many interesting anime this season. As of now, I've watched 7 new series AND I've actually love 5 of them, the 2 remaining are still on some pretty good 3-episode test if they're good enough.

Anyway, Sankarea is actually one of the five series that I actually love and I'm really glad that I decided to watch this. So what did I actually like about this series? The fact that Furuya Chihiro's (Kimura Ryohei) obsessed with zombies? That fact that he's reviving his pet to become a zombie? The fact that Sanka Rea (Uchida Maaya) is willing to die and become a zombie for Furuya? The fact that Sanka Rea will soon become a zombie? OR all of the above?

As an opening episode, I believe that Sanakrea has done a really great job in introducing both Furuya and Sanka Rea. I'm looking at this as a supernatural-romance centered anime with a little comedy and ecchi. Looking at the story based on this episode, I haven't really seen any strong plots other than Furuya's love for the undead and Sanka Rea's revival as a zombie that they'll probably do next episode. Could the main plot have anything to do with Sanka Rea's strict father - that takes nude pictures of her in her birthdays (serious-leh? O.o). Also, other than Sanka Rea's father, I think that Babu will also have some role since he's going to be revive.

Character-wise, I really like all characters that are introduced as of now most especially Furuya who for some reasons reminds me of Araragi Koyomi from Bakemonogatari because of his expressions while talking to Sanka Rea. Anyway, as I have mentioned, only Furuya and Sanka Rea had some pretty concrete background. Furuya's family was also briefly introduced along with his cousin, Saouji Ranko (Yahagi Sayuri) - who for some reasons is a main character according to MAL.

Art and animation were pretty good. This is practically the 3rd anime by Studio Deen than I'm watching this season, the other two being Hiiro no Kakera and Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD. With Hiiro no Kakera being poor with animation while KoreZom being good with it, Sanakarea, on the other hand, is pretty outstanding most especially with the overall art of the anime. I love the character designs (most especially Furuya Mero [Iguchi Yuka] and Chihiro) as well as how the background arts are made. Animation is pretty smooth unlike Hiiro no Kakera. Music and overall atmosphere is pretty good. No BGM stands out for me as of now but I'm pretty positive at how the atmosphere of this series will go.

Overall, Sankarea turned out to be the series I was expecting it to be. Interesting plot, great characters, beautiful art and a pretty good atmosphere. After how this episode went, it looks like I'm taking this one to consideration as well of being blogged every week :D

for more screenshots, click here.

Episode 2 Preview
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