the sketchbook - 4th Single: Colors/Birthday

Updates on the 4th single is finally up. As I have mentioned in my last post, the latest single will  most likely have SKET Dance's 5th ED, Colors, as well as the ED for episode 48, Birthday, which is the Bossun arc - and I was right! :D

Yes, obviously the new single will have the 2 featured the sketchbook songs in SKET Dance together with their instrumentals. The single will be release on May 30, 2012. Also, Colors will be the one that'll have a PV. I'll post an update when the preview is released. Hopefully a full PV will be around in the internet since message never had one other than the one posted way before the single even comes out - which was a cut version of the PV. o(x.x)o

image screencap from: news page

A preview of the 2 songs on the single can be listened to in the website. Just drop by the news page and click on the button beside the title of the songs, not that you've never heard of them as ending of episode 48 (Birthday) and episode52 (Colors). On my personal opinion, as someone who have been listening to the sketchbook ever since Michi () and Clover (クローバー), this single wasn't able to go better than the previews ones. The last single, Message, was pretty good and strong but the musicality of this one [Colors/Birthday] isn't really that outstanding. I'll be waiting for the lyrics to fully judge this.

Updates will be posted soon once they're out(:

  1. Colors
  2. Birthday
  3. Colors (Instrumental)
  4. Birthday (Instrumental)

  1. Colors -Music Video-
  2. Colors -Off Shot Movie-

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