Sankarea - 02

Now I understand why everyone's so pissed off with Rea's dad. AND I couldn't agree more how irritating he is with what he's doing with Rea. Looks like the yearly nude photo was just a preview of what he's doing to her.

I actually like the flow of this episode. As a second episode, it's pretty decent. If last episode, Furuya was introduced, this episode mainly focused on Rea and what her father has done in her life. AND what did he do to her life? He ruined it. I guess everyone does have the right to get pissed off at him. Also, I'm wondering about hermother. What's her deal? Why isn't she doing anything? I wonder why hasn't Rea told Furuya all of these things. Her relationship with her father. I really pity her with that story. AND with what her father did to her when he saw her sneaking and saw Furuya take her home.

Now about Furuya's resurrection project, who would have thought that a Hydrangea would make the magic? I did a quick read about it and it looks like certain types of Hydrangea are used as herbal tea. BUT Hydrangeas are moderately toxic, it says there in the link above and could cause death because of the cyanide. Okay, enough with the nerd talk. So Furuya doesn't know that Hydrangea was poisonous because for some reasons, his weird grandfather eats the leaves. LOL. Good thing Rea was there to enlighten him and finally gave him the right plant. Rea saved some forherself not knowing if its going to work or not and from what he saw, it didn't work. BUT I guess it takes a lot of time to work so yeah, now I see how Ranko got a major role. It's practically because she saw the resurrected Babu. I wonder what her real part of the story is.

Anyway, talking aside, I wonder what'll happen next. Now that Rea's father have really done it, Rea took the potion she saved for herself and with suicide in mind I'm pretty sure she'll be so surprised to still be alive. Better yet, looks like Babu's gotten wild, now  I'm wondering how will the potion work on her.

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Episode 3 Preview

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