Kimi to Boku. 2 - 01

It' really good to see this show back with the same old relaxing comedy that'll make you smile and laugh because of their simple everyday life conversation. After a season break, I was really glad that Kimi to Boku didn't even change one bit :D

As a comeback episode, I wouldn't say that this is anything big but there really is nothing much to expect from a slice of life anime. I don't really know who this episode is all about but probably it's generally about everyone and that's probably one point why this episode turned out pretty good. If I'm going to judge as of now which came in better compared to the first season, I'd say that the first season made much more impact to me even though the lively Chizuru (Irino Miyu) wasn't present at that time.

Compared to last season's opening episode, this season probably turned out a lot better if you look at it as an introduction. Last season opened with an  introduction of their friendship and focused more on Yuki (Kimura Ryohei) who surprised Kaname (Ono Yuuki) with his ability. This episode, on the other hand, generally gave an overview on everyone. The sleepover at Kaname really turned out pretty well and I was really glad that I wasn't wrong at Yuta (Uchiyama Kouki) being someone who's always the first one to realize when someone's in trouble or being bothered. Also, I seriously laugh when they were all imitating Shun (Toyonaga Toshiyuki) and I already saw Kaname imitating him and being caught. Heh. AND Shun was just like: Kaname-kun, I didn't know you talked like that sometimes. I think it's good for people to have different sides to them :D

I think it's good for people to have different sides to them

The atmosphere Kimi to Boku gives off didn't even change one bit. It's as relaxing as ever with the art that always reminds me of Hourou Musuko. The cats and kittens that are shown are always so cute and until know I still haven't understand why are there cats all over the show. Anyway, the BGM is pretty good and simply similar to last season. Voice actors are still the same since no new characters are introduced yet. I still love the stoic voices of Yuki and Yuta. Plus, Miyu Irino's voice on Chizuru always remind me of Miyano Mamoru :3 The OP and ED, on the other hand, somehow came in pretty different to me. Probably I was just used to last season's and has come to love them but the OP and ED videos are a lot fancier than before most especially the ED :)

Overall, I'm looking forward to another fun season of Kimi to Boku. AND I'd really be glad if this season will focus more on romance rather than their everyday life chat (but focusing on their everyday life chat and reminiscing is really good as well). With the preview that was shown, I surely can't wait for the next episode to come out :D

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Episode 2 Preview:
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