Bakuman - Chapter 174: How it should be and How it ends

Reading this chapter practically made me smile. Particularly the part where the students were speculating about Reversi ending soon. Seriously.

Request for Reversi's end.
As always, I really love how Hattori loves Ashirogi Muto that he's more than willing enough to quit being an editor just for Ashirogi's selfishness or wish. LOL. When he said that he'll quit being an editor, I just knew that Heishi will let them end it. Hattori was like: if they won't be allowed to end it, then I'll quit being an editor. Then Heishi was like: Hey, hey! You're joking, right? Hah! AND Hattori might have been like: I knew you'd say yes when I say I'll quit + Evil Laugh. LOL.

When Heishi immediately told the anime staff that Ashirogi has decided to end Reversi a couple of months before the anime airs, I felt a little weird that the staff doesn't really care much about it. DO they really understand the circumstances of prolonging the series or what? Well, whatever. Maybe Ohba-sensei just doesn't want to stick to this arc and make a huge deal about little stuffs. LOL.

editors-in-chief really do have a different aura. if you know what I mean.

"Wait, it won't actually end, right?"
This part is when I actually felt a little weird that I just smiled at myself. Why did I say so? When the students were going, "Reversi so cool these days", "After this finishes, what's going to happen next?", "Isn't it alright to have it end after that?", and many more. I sometimes just have the same thoughts when reading Bakuman. Though Bakuman sure have been going into the high-and-low points for me, I usually just get the idea that one of these days, it could just end because it has already reached its goal = Mashiro and Miho's wedding. Well not literally but it's there.

The look on everyone's faces when Reversi concluded.
When a really, really great anime or manga ends and you were like, "I still don't want this end!" BUT later you'll go, "the ending was really good. It's very satisfying I'd like to read/watch it again." That's the time they'll start selling really big AND probably that's what Ashirogi was aiming for. Heishi did said that Reversi could probably make it to JUMP's history.

Seeing the last 2 spread-pages of Reversi with the death of both of them, as what Takagi had said, I knew it'll be a good ending. I sure do wish that once Bakuman ends, Ohba-sensei and Obata-sensei will work on Reversi. LOL. Also, it was pretty refreshing to see everyone that have been gone for quite awhile even though they were all placed in just 1-page with Nizuma right at the top at taking almost half the page with the big grin in his face - practically very happy as to how Reversi ended. Also, there's (from left to right) Fukuda and his assistants, Takahama - with the mixed look of surprise and amazement -, Shizuka (is it?) - with that really happy or whatever look on his face (is he even writing manga right now?), Shiratori, Nanamine - with that epic surprised look on his face (and I sure do wish for him to come back in some way), Aoki, Iwase - who looks quite pissed off, Hiramaru together with Nakai and his editor Yoshida (the great. LOL) - who actually made this page pretty funny, and finally Miho who looked really happy with how Reversi ended. 

So now, "what's going to happen next?". I'm really curious. Don't tell me it's going to be another Miho x Mashiro wedding arc. Please let's not go there yet. Could Ashirogi please work on their next masterpiece now and battle Nizuma? :)
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