[WEEKLY MUSING] 2016 Reading Challenge


This year, I decided not join any Reading Challenge just so I don't have to track anything or such. I guess that's just me being lazy and not trying to actually commit myself to anything. Instead of joining individual challenges, I decided to just place everything in here. At the very least, I'm in control of what I want to achieve and not just read a certain something (unless I join every reading challenge possible).

I want a little bit of everything which is why I decided to just create my personal reading challenge instead of tediously joining every challenge available and updating everything once or every other month. I started my Book Journal this year so that will help me track everything I'll be reading this year along as well as  this challenge.

- Read 70 Books (my 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge)
- Read 15 books from my current TBR list (will only count books I bought in 2015 or earlier; ebooks included!)
- Read 10 books from NetGalley (really need to clean up my shelf)
- Read 5 books out of my comfort zone (something like an adult women's fiction, new adult romance...)
- Finish 5 Book Series (I start a lot of series but seem to barely finish any. bad habit alert!)
- Borrow and read 5 books from the library (just because I'm not a library person)

- Read a roadtrip novel
- Read a horror novel
- Read a non-fiction novel
- Read a book set in space (setting aside Morning Star since I'm bound to read it, haha)
- Read a book with a South East Asian MC (just because I'm South East Asian)
- Read a book about books (something about a bookseller, huge book reader, etc)
- Read 5 retellings
- Read 5 fantasy novels
- Read 5 classic novels
- Read 5 debut novels
- Read 5 cozy mystery novels (strictly cozy mysteries)
- Read 5 historical fiction novels
- Read 10 mystery novels (excluding crime fiction and cozy mysteries)
- Read 10 dystopian novels
- Read 10 contemporary novels
- Read 10 crime fiction novels (strictly suspense-thriller mysteries)

Authors (Read a book by...)
- John Green
- Patrick Ness
- Sarah Dessen
- Gayle Forman
- Richelle Mead
- Cassandra Clare
- Rainbow Rowell

I'm being strict on my mystery novels but that's just me being specific. I'd love to get around so many genres this year. I'll most likely update this for the next couple of months if more interesting challenges pops up in my mind. If you have any suggestions, I'd like to consider adding them :) And if there are authors you highly recommend I should read but have never done so, just comment away and I'll consider them.
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