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Belated Happy New Year to everyone! 2015 has been one crazy hell and I've always been in and out of blogging but considering it as a mere hobby going side by side with my studies, I'd say I'm doing quite well :)

Along with the start of a new year, I'd like to work on another weekly post and this time I'd feature books I recently, currently, and would like to read. Also, I'll be including anime marathon I had in the past week (if any).
The Standout (A Robin Bricker Novel) | Laurel Osterkamp
Mystery novel. Three POVs. I really like the mystery of the novel. It intrigued and kept me guessing until the end. There was a small number of suspects but I was never really sure (and I even had my suspect wrong). Full review will be up soon :)
On Thin Icing (A Bakeshop Mystery #3) | Ellie Alexander
It felt so amazing to be back on this series!! I LOVE the food, Jules, the appearance of Carlos, the mystery, the location. This is such a lovely cozy read and I highly recommended cozy mystery series!
UnWholly (Unwind #2) | Neal Shusterman
I reread this book because I'm going to read the third book, UnSouled, soon. I just need a breather book before proceeding to it (haha). Anyway, even though this is a reread, it really felt like it's the first time I read it. I still strongly felt for some moments, and had goosebumps on some. Really reminds me of why I like Neal Shusterman :)

1984 | George Orwell
I'm not fond of reading classics but every now and then I do so just to broaden my reads. So far, it's really interesting although I have to admit that I can't seem to picture out some things. But surely, everything will come to light since I'm still a few pages up :)
This is Where It Ends | Marieke Nijkamp
This is one of the books I promised myself to read but was never able to do so. Anyway, I'm a few chapters up and it's really intriguing. The four or five POVs still confuses me though but I'm slowly but surely drawing their relations and keeping them to my memory.

Eleanor & Park | Rainbow Rowell
I have no idea why I'm holding this novel up. I bet it's because I'm scared that I might get disappointed. I've read bloggers rave about this book and a few have said that I should read a book by Rainbow Rowell... but my friends just didn't like the book.. now what? 
Lost Girls (D.I. Kim Stone #3) | Angela Marsons
I find this series very thrilling. I like the suspense it holds and how Angela Marsons write. She inserts a POV of the killer or the victim yet nothing is revealed (okay, that's not completely the case for Evil Games but still...). The point is, I'm really excited to read more of Angela Marsons :)

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How about you guys, what books have you recently finished? What are you reading right now? How is it, are you enjoying it? What do you plan to read next?

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