JANUARY BOOK HAUL (aka the New Year Haul!)

The Rose Society by Marie Lu


New Year is long gone. Okay, a month gone.. A lot of things already happened. I'm saving up all over again but I'm still not placing myself on a buying ban. That will happen on June or July (preparation for MIBF2016). But I'm really proud of myself for not buying anything for the entire month (except for my 16-color Prang Watercolor. It was my personal gift for getting in the Dean's List. Yay Me!).

I'm so glad that the local bookstores finally had The Rose Society. I got it late December so it didn't make my December Book Haul post. It took FOREVER!! Now where's Winter? That's the other book I'm hoping to find.

Redeem by Donnielle Tyner | Air Awakens by Elise Kova

*             *             *

I've been so lazy lately that I barely finish a book over the past week. Anyway, I'm halfway through UnSouled and I'm liking it although admittedly it feels overwhelming with characters and events. I think there's a lot of things going on. But it's still as though provoking as before. I also like how it connects itself to the first book and fill in the things that were left out of the story then, I'm hoping to finish it on the next couple of days :)

I'm also reading Earth & Sky right now. I think I read its blurb before but completely forgot what it's all about after months of not caring about it. So I was surprise to know that it's actually about an alien time traveler. Yup, I basically think that's about it. It ruined by initial idea of Earth & Sky being a space war novel. Anyway, the time travel aspect is honestly okay but nothing special.

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