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i hate taking photos at night -___-

Last Sunday we went out and watched The 5th Wave. I didn't like it.

I like the book but I have to admit that I wasn't that of a big fan. I like the storytelling. I like the thrill. I like Zombie. I like Ringer. I like Nugget. I like the entire Squad 53. I like Cassie. I don't like Evan. I don't like Cassie's relationship with Evan.

I don't miss him. Ben was a wuss, a crybaby, a thumb-sucker.
Not Zombie.
Zombie is everything Ben wasn't. Zombie is hardcore. Zombie is badass. Zombie is stone-cold.

This few words from the book honestly got stuck to me. You know, because is Zombie is my fave.

This post is mostly me raging about the things I DID NOT LIKE about the movie. Don't hate.

Anyway, here're my few thoughts on the movie:
- I immediately notice how weak and maybe how generally bad some of the effects of the movie are. Other viewers probably never noticed these but really, after being serious with video editing a couple of semesters back, I got so addicted to noticing movie effects and it ruins my experience.
- I do understand that some of the things in the book HAVE to be compromise in order to make things possible and to fit the entire story in the film. But removing certain details kind of ruined the movie for me. It removed the little bit of feels the book only have and I think that they could have added it but decided not to.
- I HATE that some of the characters were not very well introduced. It was not clear to those who never read the book who's who.. Who the freak Dumbo is or who's Poundcake or if there's even a character with that name. I might just be making that up. I LIKE the entire squad so it disappoints me that they were not given enough love.
- I think that Zombie and Nugget's relationship was not given any focus. Oh you know, Zombie's supposed to see Nugget as some kind of kid he's supposed to take care of since his sister is gone and all that. Aside from that one night they briefly talk (and sing), what the hell happened to the development?
- I'm sorry I did not like Ringer's get up. make up. whatever else you'd like to call Maika Monroe's look. When I saw Maika Monroe cast as Ringer, I knew she'd be perfect. But that makeup? Seriously?
- Here're three reasons why you should watch the movie right NOW: (1) Zombie, (2) Ben Parish, and (3) Nick Robinson.
- But seriously, I think that the writers did a good job in fitting everything into a film. It's really late for me to realize this but it does seem difficult to turn The 5th Wave into a film because it's mostly a psychological warfare than actual action (okay, there's a lot of action at the end but the psychological aspect of the movie is the most exciting thing and it most happened in the book inside their minds which means it's difficult to place into a medium that requires more visual and lesser action).
- I think some of the compromises done were pretty okay such as the reason why Cassie failed to be with Sam in the bus :)

But these are just my opinion, you can always check out what others think especially those who have never read the book.

*             *             *

Have you guys seem the movie? What do you think of it? Did you like it? Do we have the same thoughts? Have you read the book? Did it affect your enjoyment of the movie? If you haven't seen the movie, do you plans to do so?

let's connect!

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