Nisekoi - the Real Promised Girl

I haven't been posting anything about manga lately but I'm still reading them :3 Anyway, I'll go with a quick thoughts on the chapters of Nisekoi which I wasn't able to post about. Of course I'll be getting right into the point wherein we were introduced to an additional girl into Raku's Harem(:

First off, I'll go with a quick run on what this series is all about for those who haven't read this series. It's a Weekly Shonen JUMP series and it's more like romance-comedy manga. BUT if you're all thinking that it's a shoujo-ish romance, no it's not. It's a really funny romance-comedy anime and it's obviously told in a guy's point of view. The story goes around the fake relationship between Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki (thus the title Nise - fake, Koi - love). Of course, this fake relationship story won't be interesting without the harem, the sharp best friends and some more funny side characters. I've been writing about this series since it started and here’s my first impression post. There've been a lot of comedic, dramatic and romantic scenes that makes this manga worth the read. I know that I did question if this manga will go on for a year and I'm thinking that it will with how the sales and rankings are doing really well :3

 First off, it's funny how there are three girls claiming to be Raku's promised girl. There's Onodera who admitted that she is the girl Raku promised to. AND next thing we know, Chitoge's thinking that she 's Raku's promised girl that they even tried her old key :3 SO now, the real promised girl arrives? The girl that Raku saw in the picture was instantly revealed but that's probably one of the things I like about this anime. They don't waste so much time on senseless things. Every chapter is so exciting :3

Now for my thoughts of the new girl on the harem who calls herself to be the girl Raku promised to 10yrs ago, I'd say that she really is pretty. I'd say that I like her as much as I like Onodera. AND I like her hair!! XD Whatever her real character is, it seems that she's finding it in order to please Raku. And the funny thing is, I have a feeling that she's a Chitoge-like character :3 Well that's cute. Tachibana Marika seems to be familiar to Raku since he called 'Mari'. Whether she's the real promised girl or not doesn't really matter to me. She's just an interesting additional to the mix. I definitely can't wait to see the next chapter since Raku finally remembered her. XD AND Mari's background - take that Chitoge! LOL.

~I'll be continuing my weekly coverage of Nisekoi and sorry for all the delay... I'll also be going back to Kurogane :3
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