Another - Episode 4: Put Flesh

Looks like it's going to be one death after another.

looks like everyone's on a silent treatment
It seems that this "curse" that they are speaking of is that one student (or relative of a student) dies every month in class 3. The reason? I have no idea but it seems that it has something to do with Kouichi's interaction with Mei since the hospital incident. Kouichi is probably getting some little isolation from his classmates and the story after what happened 26 years ago was not told to him even though Teshigawara promised. He said something about the situation changing. What exactly is the problem here?

oh, the fear of dying
I don't really want to over think things but from the scene when a glass pane almost fell on Kouichi and the girl whom he was talking to seems to be something important. BUT then, could it only be showing that the students on class 3 has gotten more afraid than before because of what happen to Sakuragi? Or is it a signal that she'll die next? She went on saying, "No, I don't want to die!". I guess it's pretty normal but it looks like she's really really scared because she knows that there's something going on in class 3 and she could be the next to go any time soon. Could there be a pattern in whom will die next?

Anyway when Kouichi went back to the doll shop, he saw a girl who went up to the second floor and I'm assuming that she's Kirika whom Mei have mentioned last episode. I still have no idea what her role is but probably it's something important since she hasn't gotten any formal introductions yet. Her role must be a major part of the story itself. When Kouichi entered the doll shop,  he instantly went down the basement and looked at the doll that looks exactly like Mei. First off, I want to know the reason why he went back to the shop. Is it because of his curiosity of Mei? Plus, I'm pretty positive of the idea that he actually got scared when he saw Mei suddenly came out from the behind the doll again. Is the idea of Mei being dead really getting in him?

you just know something's about to happen.
Anyway, in Kouichi's second visit to the doll shop, what I would really want to know is the meaning of what Mei said to Kouichi. Because she asked, "are you going to school tomorrow?" and when he said yes, she said, "then I probably shouldn't show up". What does that suppose to mean? Is she admitting that she has something to do with the death of Sakuragi? O.O Better yet, she did mentioned that it has begun. Everyone's been saying it but what really has begun? Was it the curse?

Reiko on the other hand seems to be on the death row as well. Her sudden sickness is a hint of that but what I notice about Reiko is that she finally revealed that she was from class 3 as well and she kept on saying to always follow the class rules. AND I'm pretty sure it means something because Izumi said something about being absent on Kouichi's first day and wasn't able to warn him about something (probably about Mei). Now, what I have in mind is what was Izumi talking about that happened two years ago? Damn, there's a lot of things they aren't saying!

Finally, when I was actually liking Mizuno, she went off in a not-so-good -way like Sakuragi BUT before that happened, she talked to Kouichi about Mei and what struck me there was when her brother said that there's no student like that in their class. I mean, why couldn't he just say the he doesn't know someone with that name or whatever? Why does he have to freak out or something? Right now, I'm really confused if they can see Mei or if Mei is dead or alive and just being isolated and ignored. Moreover, the signal was scratching again which was similar to when Kouichi was talking to Teshigawara before Sakuragi die. I'm assuming that the signal-loss is a sign that someone's going to die. Now about Mizuno's death, it didn't me freaked out as much as Sakuragi did but damn, her face first hitting the floor of the elevator was epic. O.O I wonder who's going next week and how.

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  1. So many questions x.x
    I can't wait until todays episode comes out~

    1. same here! each episode just makes you more curious of what really is going on. x.x


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