Tari Tari - 05

I guess this episode just turned out a lot better than the previous one. And this actually had something good in it, Sakai Wakana's story which I've been itching to find out ever since the principal accepted their club form.

First off, the opening scene in this one has actually made me think that we'll finally see a Wien episode but I guess that scene was just some diversion from its real goal here. We see Wien in his time in Australia (or is it Austria?? LOL.) and he's talking in his language :3 Nice job Hanae Natsuki! Even though we don't see so much of Wien, he's still my favorite in this series and I'm still hoping that we'll see something from him soon and his funny misunderstanding of the Japanese culture.

As expected, the badminton part of their club is only for Taichi. And in this episode we finally get a chance to see Taichi in a competition. It's not anything grand for this episode and Taichi is only an 8th placer. I don't know if it's really a good place or what but he doesn't seem to sulk over what happened. In my point of view, I think that he's even more motivated. Well, that's a pretty good thing. I don't really like characters who'd sulk over something they lost to and even consider giving up.

Now for the main story of this episode, Wakana has asked her father to take the piano away and give it to those who'll be able to use it. So I'm guessing we'll see more of Wakana giving up on music and such. Anyway, in her back story, I'd say that Wakana's mother seems so childish and Wakana is irritated by that attitude. When her mother died, I'm pretty sure it was painful for Wakana since not only that it was her mother (crying over that fact is already given) but it seems that she has never said a "thank you", "sorry" or any other words of appreciation to her… and so, I think that Wakana's actually jealous of Sawa being close to her mother.

On a final note, we finally get to see a picture of Wakana's mother in her high school while being in the choir club. AND it seems that she's with the vice principal as well and she's holding the piano piece Wakana played at ep2 (or so I think…). And look, there's the principal as their adviser :3

In an overall look on this episode, I'm not entirely sure if I'll look at this series positively and actually hope for things to get better for me. Although it seems that Tari Tari has actually pleased a number of anime fans out there and sadly I'm not one of them. BUT either way, I'll still continue to watch this series and see what'll happen next...

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