Boring Season First Impressions

As expected, this season had been pretty boring and not much shows have caught my interest. I wanted to experiment on the type of shows I don't usually watch but I ended up not watching them at all. If you're going to look closely on my watching schedule, I haven't really touched most fan service type of anime. LOL. I do plan to watch them but probably somewhere between or after the season.

I'm pretty glad that there were a number of 2(or more)-cour anime from Spring because my impression of this season hasn't change. It's boring. Honestly speaking, I've already re-watched a number of anime like: Bakuman., Angel Beats!, Steins;Gate and Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. I plan to watch Usagi Drop and Bakuman. 2 next(: Although I did plan to watch a number of series as seen from my watch list post but I don't really have the motivation to actually start watching them.

Other than the summer anime I'm watching right now, this post will also include continuing series from previous seasons. So that means quick impressions on Uchuu Kyoudai, HUNTER X HUNTER, Hyouka, SKET Dance and Kuroko no Basuke will be here. Some of them have gotten more exciting while others have been a bit boring or disappointing in my point ofview… So now, here're my thoughts…

The anime are arranged according to the days and times they are aired (Sundays - Saturdays) Get the idea? :)

Uchuu Kyoudai (18 of ???)
Uchuu Kyoudai sure had been more interesting than before. As we all know, the third exam is finally going to a close with the green card finally being resolved in Team A and still being a problem in Team B, I'm pretty curious at how each member of both teams will choose the two members they think is more suitable to be an astronaut. Other than my curiosity on who each of them will choose, I'm really having fun in watching this most especially when Nanba Mutta (Hirata Hiroaki) finally got his green card in episode 18 :3 I wonder if JAXA's actually choosing which task will be given to each member.

Bruce Lee!

HUNTER X HUNTER (41 of ???)
I've been waiting for Kurapika's appearance since the first time we saw him encounter his Nen master. Either way, I'm really glad to finally get on with this York Shin-arc. It seems that a lot of fans have been looking forward to this and truthfully speaking, I've been dragged on with the hype. Most especially when I saw the seiyuu line up for the Spiders who's headed by non-other than Miyano Mamoru who will be voicing Lucilfer Chrollo. I have no idea on how this arc will go but I'm pretty sure that this will be really good(:

TARI TARI (5 of 13)
SO this anime is the first of his season that I'll write about and if anyone out there had been reading my posts on this series, I'm pretty sure that you know how I feel about this. Anyway, as a slice of life anime and being captured by that really beautiful art done by P.A. Works, I decided to watch this series. Similar to the first impression most people had, it did reminded me a lot of Hanasaku Iroha but their theme seems to be entirely different. As a music-genre anime, TARI TARI doesn't seem to please me that much but I do love the piano BGMs(: Not to mention the piece that they sang during the recital.


Now with the last couple of episodes focusing on Sakai Wakana (Takagaki Ayahi), it's personally not that interesting for me yet but it's definitely a lot better than getting more of Miyamoto Konatsu (Seto Asami) and her wishes for the New Choir Club.

La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia (5 of 12)
Being a reverse harem anime with a really good set of cast and an anime under J.C Staff, I got a little carried away thinking that this series will be decent. As what most people had already expected, this series opened in a pretty decent away with at least some promise. The opening episode introduced us to the idea of the Arcana Duello but practically became a disappointment once the rest of the episode tries its best with what they consider to be a character development under a filler-like episode. As obvious as it seems, I'm still watching this series and will definitely see it until the end since I decided to blog this(: Although I'm pretty sure that other than the few character developments that have been going on lately and my fangirling over Debito (Yoshino Hiroyuki), Luca (Nakamura Yuuichi) and Pace (Sugita Tomokazu); I'll be going on with my complains on this series.

AKB0048 (Completed)
 I decided to include this series here since a number of episodes and the concluding episode was aired in July unlike most of the Spring Season anime which ended at June(:

This series has got to be surprisingly decent, in my opinion. A friend of mine recommended that I also watch The iDOLM@STER because they seem pretty similar when it comes to the 'becoming idols' part. Probably I'll be able to watch it sometime this month or this season(: Anyway I'm no fan of AKB48 and after watching this series I'm still not a die hard fan. I believe that being a fan of AKB48 or not doesn't really matter for this series, it's good as it is. I like the art except for the character designs which isn't really my type. The mecha and background has got to be this series' strongest point being done by Satelight. The BGM is pretty good being a music-genre anime but the seiyuu isn't really that good. I guess it's to be expected with relatively new seiyuus that being idols that are actually under AKB48 and their sister groups. But in an overall look on this series, it's pretty decent and I guess a good watch although not so much recommended(:

Hyouka (15 of 21)
Throughout the first half, I have to admit that they were partially interesting with the Sekitani Jun arc and that Irisu film arc. Of course I'm not saying that this recent arc about the Kanya Festa isn't interesting at all. Although I have to admit that it started pretty rough for me. It was boring at the beginning but with the recent episodes 14 and 15 having some development on both Fukube Satoshi (Sakaguchi Daisuke) and Oreki Houtarou (Nakamura Yuuichi). Well you know I'm just excited to see how Houtarou will be solving this juumonji-mystery and how Satoshi will react once Houtarou has solved it. Satoshi's jealousy of Houtarou's ability has got to be the most interesting development this series actually had(:

Jinrui wa Suita Shimashita (5 of 12)
I don't know how some people actually have come to enjoy this series but personally, I'm getting bored with this. The light art is pretty inviting but also very tiring to watching for me. The story isn't the most interesting and whatever the fairies are after, it'll definitely be revealed soon enough. AND yeah, I thought that the chicken will be the evil organization-thingy they'll fight here (LOL) but in ep2, they were completely wiped out and I practically just laugh at that part. Anyway, the 'manzine' issue and the fairy manga in the last arc was… decent for me. Of course I like the appearance of Y (Sawashiro Miyuki). Anyway, whatever this series holds and is still hiding should be revealed soon since we're already approaching the second half. Does this series really have a dark side in it?

Binbougami ga! (5 of 13)
Right at the very first episode, this series has instantly blew me away with its pretty good comedy and parody. Although I already expected that since Fujita Yoichi is the director and he's the guy responsible for making Gintama such an epic comedy anime - well of course Sorachi-sensei also have some huge impact on that since he's the original creator. LOL. Anyway, Binbougami ga! doesn't disappoint in the comedy department with the combination of those little drama. They were all made well and nothing was forced in any way. The art is pretty good as expected from Sunrise(: AND that OP has really caught my attention!! It's so catchy I'm not even bothered that a guy actually sounded like a girl. LOL.

SKET Dance (69 of ???)
With this series actually passing its one year of airing, I have to admit that this has gotten a lot boring lately. Have anyone seen the last couple of episodes? If I can remember correctly, ep68 was about Remi Onee-san (Tange Sakura) and Chuu-san (Nakata Jouji) and yeah, I was seriously annoyed in that episode. Also with the recent episode trying to be Gintama poop joke wasn't really the funniest at all. I don't really have anything against SKET Dance since I actually liked and watched it first but they could have at least done something different because that comedy-style was sooo Gintama. LOL. Anyway, I will definitely continue watching this series and still hope that good things will come(:

Natsuyuki Rendezvous (5 of 11)
As one of the series I really looked forward to, I'm really glad that I wasn't disappointed in any way. This series have that light hearted drama feel to it which I really like. The idea of this pretty interesting love story isn't anything I've seen before. The art is pretty good although I'm still not a fan of Rokka-chan's (Ohara Sayaka) big round eyes O.O Anyway, I like how the drama or emotions seem so natural and the supernatural part had been a pretty interesting touch. The last episode which had Hazuki-kun (Nakamura Yuuichi) finally being possessed by Rokka-chan late husband, Shimao Atsushi (Fukuyama Jun), was a really great turn of events and I doubt that he'll return the body any time soon. Although I'm pretty sure that we'll see more development on their characters(: Maybe I should admit that this has got to be a candidate for my fave anime this season topping the highly anticipated Sword Art Online which isn't really that great but not really bad. I'll talk about that later. AND on a final note, I never skip the OP because I just like listening to Matsushita Yuuya's new song :3

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (4 of 13)
I didn't expect KoiChoco to be half complicated talk. Honestly speaking, I'm pretty much enjoying the show most especially the cuteness of both Edagawa Nozomi (Gibu Yuko) and Morishita Michiru (Imai Asami) :3 For the story itself, all I know is that Oojima Yuuki (Nakamura Yuuichi) has to run for president or else their club will be in danger. Or will it really be? As long as the Finance-thingy department of their student council won't win, it won't really be in some big time danger since I believe that the other candidates haven't really given their statements or platforms. Anyway, I'm actually stunned at the setup of their school. The students are trained to be independent and the student council could actual have some power to fire a teacher (or did I understood that wrong?)? Anyway, current (or is he already a former?) student council president Mouri Yakumo (Suzumura Kenichi) is helping Oojima in the election because… he's capable of winning the preliminary part?? What does he have that the other candidates doesn't? The position of being a member of a club that's candidate for disbandment? Won't other clubs do the same thing? ANYWAY, I don't want to complain some much about this series since it's going through with its plot, at the very least, unlike some other series out there who declared some 'duello' at the beginning and never event went there (you know what I mean).

Joshiraku (4 of 13)
This anime is practically about the daily lives of these 5 comediennes. They talk about random things about daily lives which we've all seen from many other anime out there. The thing I greatly notice about this anime is how the comedy doesn't only go around the typical daily life talk but most of them focus on Japanese culture which for someone who doesn't know so much about them finds it a bit boring… It's difficult to relate on things you don't know. One thing that probably should have made someone go: oh that's right! was the talk about the Kanji characters and how confusing they were. I know that idea since some (or many) characters have multiple interpretations or meanings so probably reading them depends on the context and who's reading it. ANYWAY, I'll continue watching this series but I don't want to expect so much laugh in here. As the series keep on pointing out, I'd also want to enjoy the cuteness of the characters :3

intensely watching the moon through a projector :3

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai (4 of 12)
I'm not really a huge ecchi fan but I just wanted to see what this series is like. The synopsis has also caught my attention because it seems weird and all. ANYWAY, let me first go through the story, with how it was made, it's giving off that very typical we-made-this-story-out-of-nowhere-because-we-just-want-to-make-some-ecchi-anime/manga (if this is an adaptation. LOL). It obviously screams ecchi and all. AND it's nowhere anything decent… Anyway, the series is currently at the middle of building up the harem and guess what? It's no surprise at how each episode feels the same because they are the same! When I decided to watch this series I want to avoid complaining so much but it seems that nothing really came out decent here. It's really enjoyable unless you're a big oppai fan and no I'm not. The art is okay and I have to admit that I like the girls when they transform :3 On a final note, Kaga Ryosuke's (Shimono Hiro) obsession for oppai is getting more annoying each episode :P

no, I'm not going to post an oppai-filled screenshot here. Lisara's beautiful enough, deal with it. LOL.

DOG DAYS' (4 of ???)
DOG DAYS is definitely not an outstanding series for me but decided to watch it because of a certain reason. LOL. Anyway, with Cinque (Miyano Mamoru) going back to Flonyard with his friends Takatsuki Nanami (Mizuki Nana) and Anderson Rebecca (Takahashi Mikako), both Galette and Pastiallage finally have their own heroes. Not only that, with their appearance I'm pretty obvious that Cinque's harem has increase and fan service has also increase. LOL. With the first 4 episodes, I still don't know what to expect from this series with still no problem being opened up ahead. Whatever this series will show isn't definitely something to look out for, in my opinion. Other than hearing more of Mamo-chan, I'm definitely up for more of those really fun moments of the show. I was actually pretty surprise at how un-leader like Leo-sama (Koshimizu Ami) started acting once Nanami pet her. AND Gaul-sama (Tetsuya Kakihara) is so cute when he's trying not to be pet by Nanami :3 Anyway, since we're finally getting more of Galette, I'm pretty happy to see more of Noir (Hanazawa Kana) and her really cute character!!! Episode 4 has got to be her longest screen time and I really enjoyed that episode :3

~ah. it's the Eclair x Cinque pair :3 that tsundere and that ultra-dense guy.

Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmonbu (1 of ???)
Ebiten is an ONA about a this Otaku Club which was mistaken by Noya Itsuki (Ise Mariya) as an Astronomy Club. The first episode (which was unfortunately the only one with sub) is pretty decent. As a  comedy-parody, I'd say that it's pretty good but repetitive jokes seem a little bit tiring. Commenting on the art, which seems to be the number one thing that caught my attention (LOL) is just okay. OR probably the quality of the video is affecting my judgment on this so I'm really hoping to see a BD release soon… x_x As for now, I'll continue watching this series (when a new release from the subbers finally comes out, that is)...


Sword Art Online (4 of 25)
This highly anticipated series for the season definitely isn't really a disappointment. Although unlike most people out there, I didn't go with the hype but had an average outlook on this series. With the first episode actually awing everyone (including me) with that very outstanding visuals and premise, the following episodes had gone to an introduction of one-girl-after-another. I guess it's not really that surprising since we need to build up Kirito's (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) harem x_x Anyway, I'm seeing just one more girl to be introduced and hopefully we'll finally get to some pretty good adventure here. Also with the really fast pacing (2yrs, I believe, already passing in the game itself), I've read somewhere (and it should be obvious enough) that this series will practically go to the other worlds of the light novel. Now going over with how I feel about this series, honestly speaking, after the first episode, it had been pretty standard and not really that exciting. Probably if I expected so much from this series, I would probably be disappointed at how it really isn't all that. It was interesting and I'm definitely out there to watch it every season but probably what's missing here is the sense of intensity. Each episode have its good bits of light comedy, light drama and everything else but by the end of the episode, it all over and we'll begin with an entirely different story next time around. Oh well… Not that I'm complaining so much…

Kokoro Connect (5 of ???)
This series just turned out a lot better than I expect it to be. This dark-comedy-drama series has got to be one of my favorite anime this season. With character development happening each episode and a proper pacing going on, I'm pretty happy with this series. Personally, it's pretty easy for me to choose favorites this season seems most series doesn't really seem so interesting. Anyway, with the body swapping business actually being explained but not thoroughly yet since I believe that that will be the mysterious part of this series, each episode had been taking its take in developing the characters and looking through their stories with the 2 guys still not giving their stories particularly Aoki Yoshifumi (Terashima Takuma). Also, we haven't fully seen Heartseed at all, sure in ep5, he pretty much did some big stuff out there and I'm really wishing to know his real objective in all of this but of course, I'll just patiently wait for that explanation.


Kuroko no Basuke (18 of 25)
With the second half of Kuroko no Basuke opening in a not-so-good impression for me, the mere appearance of Aomine Daiki (Suwabe Junichi) makes it somehow okay for me. Now let me complain on Kuroko no Basuke… If anyone had been reading my thoughts on this series every month, it's pretty obvious at how much I've been liking the anime itself and how fateful the adaptation had been BUT after the second half (ep13), things seems to be going through some things that didn't pleased me that much. First off, although it's relatively unimportant, I was disappointed that Tetsu #2 was introduced earlier than expected. Probably they already need some boost for the series and a mascot could be something that can actually grab some attention. Now I have to say that the match between Touou and Seirin had been pretty good. Of course I'm being bias here since Touou has got to be one of my fave teams out there and I just love the entire team :3 The 2ep of Aomine's appearance is a combination of highs-and-lows for me. His appearance at ep17 was pretty interesting with all those insanely fast moves that seems to make him more amazing than ever but he never really showed anything more interesting than that. The supposedly cliffhanger was somehow a failure for me because I barely remember that backboard shot in the manga (if it's there, please correct me). Anyway, in ep18, I was really glad to finally see those two really AMAZING formless shot by Aomine - that almost lying shot in mid-air and that backhand-shot thingy (LOL. Sorry for the weird names since I was never really a basketball fan). Either of those would have been a better cliffhanger because they were just amazing! Anyway, as expected the match went in fast paced once Kagami Taiga (Ono Yuuki) was placed on bench…. AND thus Seirin's part in inter-high ends here. Anyway, looks like Murasakibara Atsushi (Suzumura Kenichi) and I think Tatsuya Himuro will finally make their appearance… OR is it Kiyoshi Tepei (Hamada Kenji) that will make an appearance?


As I personally expected, this season isn't really that interesting and a lot of shows bored the hell out of me. For those continuing series, I'm pretty disappointed at how boring most of them got… must be because of the season. LOL. Anyway, as of now, I have Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Kokoro Connect, and either Sword Art Online or Binbougami ga! for my top 3.

For the 5 shows I initially decided to place on top priority: Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Arcana Famiglia, Kokoro Connect, DOG DAYS' and TARI TARI, it seems that only 2 of them had seriously caught my interest. As obvious as it seems, Arcana Famiglia had been a great disappointment. If you've read my thoughts above, my disappointment for the show can be notice. For TARI TARI, I'm still at the middle of deciding whether to pull out my hopes from this series or not since the last episode I saw (ep5) was pretty good. Finally for DOG DAYS', after Cinque's friends finally became heroes, I have no idea what to see next from this series. Probably some more fan service? :3 I want some more Noir please! \(^v^)/ ~and no I'm not a guy if some people out there think of me that way. LOL.

On a final note, any suggestions on which of these series I haven't seen I should start with? I'm thinking of Kono Naka ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru! first due to a pretty interesting impression I've seen by Meister97 over at OtaSensei.

Series I haven't touched: Chitose Get You!!, Oda Nobuna no Yabou, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, Chouyaku Hyakusin Isshu: Uta Koi, Kono Naka ni Hitori Imouta ga Iru!, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica, Campione!, Accel World and Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II.
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