Arcana Famiglia - 05

When we all thought that this series will be about the Arcana Duello, we were all stand corrected when the 2nd episode turned out to be a cat-searching episode. I'm not entirely surprise at how disappointing this turned out but I hate the idea that the first episode actually showed some promised and ended up as false-hope.

Now on with my thoughts for this episode, after last episode's back story on Libertà, we finally get some development or a look on Nova's back story. For some reasons, whatever J.C Staff is doing in this series, it doesn't seem to make me feel sorry for how supposedly sad or pitying Nova's story was. Sure his parents used him and all to be able to rule over Regalo but how this was presented and how he seek refuge over Mondo and Sumire wasn't even a bit moving at all.

Going over with the current situation, Nova said that his parents wasn't dead and were only asleep due to his lose of control with his power. The outcome of his power wasn't the most surprising since he's holding the power of the Death Arcana which meant end. At the very least, it was good that his parents didn't die but with what we've seen, I'm thinking that Jolly's the one keeping Nova's parents - or so assume. Either Mondo and Sumire know about or not isn't what I really care about is Jolly's reasons for hiding them.

In an overall look on this episode, I have to admit that it's finally showing some interesting stuff. Although they're not yet enough to make this series worth watching. The Arcana Duello has again been neglected and we had that keeping the safety at Regalo moment which seemed a lot better this time comparing to the previous episodes… Whatever happens in the following episode couldn't probably convince me to like this series but at the very least I'm hoping that this will be a bit decent once the 2nd half opens. 
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