Kokoro Connect - 08

So this is the episode wherein everyone has completely gone emo except for multi-personality Nagase. LOL.

Since we barely had anything to do with Aoki during Heartseed's first experiment, I'm pretty glad that Taichi had pointed it out. Not that I have anything against Aoki but this is actually the first time that we had some emphasis on Aoki. Their argument regarding Taichi's urge to help Yui was definitely unexpected. But then, their argument wasn't really the whole point of this part of this episode. I think that this part is more about how Taichi gotten emo as well.

For the most part of Kokoro Connect, we get to see things in Taichi's point of view and his sudden decision of avoiding the club members including Nagase wasn't totally surprising. Avoiding them was for them not to get hurt - at least that's what I think his point is. Anyway one of the best thing in this episode is Go-san actually acting like a teacher - and he just have to praise himself for that. Here's what he said (I just wanted to share it since I personally liked it :D):
But you'll discover that problems have a way of working themselves out if you talk to your friends.

Isn't hurting and troubling each other just what friends are for? Oh I know. We're talking about a love triangle. I get it now. But it's better to talk things through instead of dodging the issue. If you talk to your friends face-to-face, everything will work out. It might still fail sometimes but if you don't talk, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Wouldn't you rather try and fail?

You can't become true friends until you've experience enough conflict. If you always play it safe, you'll end up losing the things that truly matter.
Now let me go to Fujishima-san! I never really talked about her even though we've seen her in previous episodes and how funny she was as Taichi's rival :3 First, I'd like to talk about the class field trip decision making and how things went. Fujishima sure is a life saver. I like how she uses her power as the class representative to fix things out. And Watase Shingo (Ono Yuuki) seems to play the role of the main character's cheerful but hopeless romantic best friend. HAHA. His one-sided crush on Fujishima will definitely boost the comedy for that field trip episode (if ever it'll be shown).

 Now for Inaba and Nagase's argument which had caught everyone attention, as we've seen in the preview, I think that things won't be fixed soon. But for Taichi, I think that he's pretty much okay after having that talk with Fujishima. Honestly speaking, I didn't expect Nagase to be the one standing strong in this unleashing of desire scheme. Although right at the very beginning, I guess she's the only one that have at least some positive outlook on it. So I think that makes it not so surprising. Inaba, on the other hand, had always been pretty predictable for me. Her trying-to-be-strong character definitely give me the idea that she'll be the weakest person due to her inability to share her real thoughts.

Anyway, I don't think I was able to go though everything about this episode but these things were the ones that really caught my attention. The preview for the next episode had shown more drama. Looks like we won’t be having those good comedy times for Kokoro Connect because three out of five of them is still in the process of hating this new experiment. But I do believe that in more or less two episodes for this one, things will get better(:
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