Sword Art Online - 08

So this is were the real story begins, right?

Seeing this episode just made me want to play SAO as well. Who would have thought that an MMORPG such as SAO have something like cooking ability? O.O Anyway, I have to admit that I really like this episode as well, not that I disliked any SAO episode yet - cause I haven't disliked any yet. The fun this episode had was just pretty good, the animation is as smooth and amazing as ever and I'm getting mixed emotions on Asuna taking the front line from Kirito. LOL.

The first thing I'd like to go through in here is the idea that some players had actually grown accustomed to living the world of Kayaba Akihiko or SAO. The front line players who're doing their best to clear the game seems to only be seen as amazing and strong people who are fighting at the top floors while those who're being left behind might only be playing behind and living their daily lives as if SAO is their real world. But then again, despite their two years stay in the game Asuna is one of the players who has never lose sight of finishing the game because of her personal reasons.

Now aside from the cooking show Asuna had shown us (which I won't be talking about), what really caught my attention in this episode is Kuradeel. I know that he's supposed to be 'protecting' her as her being the vice-commander of their guild. As a big-time guild, I have to admit that they have some pretty unnecessary rules out there but probably this body guard-play is something to protect the higher-ups (which includes Asuna) from getting into unnecessary battles and such. Anyway, with Kuradeel trying his best to make Asuna stay away from the infamous beater namely Kirito, the duel between Kuradeel and Kirito had been short but pretty interesting. Kirito get to show off his cool moves again. LOL. Anyway, we'll probably see more of Kuradeel soon or the guild Asuna is in…

Other than Kuradeel, what's also good in this episode is that we finally see some real battle. I've been looking forward to this 2nd team up of Asuna and Kirito. Also, it's pretty cool that Asuna is the one heading their party but I'd really like it more for Kirito to battle (but then I guess that's just me fangirling x_x). The biggest thing that happened in here has got to be that cliffhanger wherein Asuna and Kirito will finally face a boss. How they'll face it, I have no idea but I have a feeling that it won't be a nice experience for the two of them. In my personal thought, dealing with the boss with only the two of them will give us some thrilling battle next episode since it'll definitely be a tough a one and I'm betting that they will encounter a problem such as the door closing behind them or the teleport crystals not working. Either way, I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Looking at how this episode turned out, being the episode that's considered to be the real beginning of this series, I have to admit that it had been pretty exciting and I'm definitely sure that we'll see the girls Kirito encountered earlier and all those side stories shown before weren't really for nothing.
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