BTOOOM!: OL game turned into reality survival game (and no, it's nothing like SAO. It's a lot better~)

The number one thing that captured me in this series is how great its suspense is as a survival game. There hasn’t  been a lot of things going on but this OP episode has definitely done a great job in introducing to us the series.

BTOOOM! is an online game and MC Sakamoto Ryouta (Kanata Hongou) is a NEET (Not in Education, Employment and Training) who's at the top 10 players of BTOOOM!. Unlike the typical OL games out there, BTOOOM! is a game wherein you use bombs to finish off your opponent. There are different types of bombs and we'll probably get to know those as the series progresses.

Ryouta wakes up on a deserted island in a parachute stuck on top of a tree. He goes down from the tree checks up his stuff and tried on the suspicious looking item which was a time bomb. Funny how he still didn't understand how the time bomb operated at the beginning. He saw this man and calls out for help. Turns out, that guy's out there to kill him. The reason? He doesn't know. What he does know is that he's going to get killed by the guy unless he kills him first.

Taking on the suspense and the action which this first episode shown, I'm betting that the rest will be good. Like I mentioned earlier, it was funny how Ryouta never realized that his bomb was a time bomb. He did a couple of trial and error probably due to panic. HAHA. Anyway, what I like about what happened there is that it seems like a bit of a natural reaction.

Ryouta's adjustment to his environment seemed pretty quick. But I guess that's what happens to him when he gets a little desperate of wanting to live. His uses his time bomb effectively without his pursuer  knowing what he was up to. His reaction to the dead body was… natural. HAHA. Damn he vomit at the water, didn't he? x_x Ugh. I don't want to think about it.

The appearance of the supposedly heroine of the series, Himiko (Mimori Suzuko) in a fan service-y kind of way is nice :3 It makes me wonder if she knows anything about the situation. I mean, how the heck did that guy earlier knew that they were supposed to kill each other? Was there an initial briefing and Ryouta was dozing off when that happened?

What is happening in this survival game is probably done by the creators of BTOOOM!. Iida, the guy Ryouta was talking to in the company, looks really suspicious and crazy. LOL. Anyway, this series seem promising. I like the story, the suspense, the art style and hopefully we'll get to see more of the psychological parts of this series :3
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