Bakuman. 3 02: Ashirogi's in a pretty tight spot. Nice going Iwase, now they're really in trouble.

I'll be a boy forever. That's why I draw shounen manga.

This episode has been focused solely to the development of the art of Ashirogi Mutou's PCP. It's for the improvement of their rankings~

I personally think that it's difficult to maintain a high ranking of around top 5 for every new and non-mainstream series. Of course if the series is mainstream such as Crow or other real WSJ series such as One Piece, Naruto or whatever else, it would be breeze. Okay, not that easy, but a little easier compared to non-mainstream series such as PCP. This problem that the editor-in-chief gave them is pretty difficult and can be pretty hard to achieve even how much inspiring words Takagi and Mashiro receive. Add to that the idea that two new series will be up soon, Takahama Shoyo's (Shimowada HirokiSeigi no Mikata and Fukuda Shinta's (Suwabe Junichi) Road Racer Giri. Also, +NATURAL's anime would be airing soon. How's that Ashirogi?

Okay, before going to Ashirogi's problem and my impression of the episode, I'd like to give some quick thoughts on these new series that will be going in Bakuman.'s WSJ (Weekly Shounen JACK). Fist off, there's Road Racer Giri which I think is more of a action-sports manga. On the looks of things, it's something I'll never touch or even look at. As for Takahama's series, Seigi no Mikata,  I'd say that even though I'm not a fan of his character, depending on the execution of the his series, it could be pretty interesting. Well, it's just that I'm actually a fan of series with lots of dialogue and the court room setting is somehow unique and something I have never tried before.

Now going back to the real issue here, PCP's ranking needs to be high enough in a way that it can compete with Niizuma's series namely CROW and +NATURAL. It wasn't surprising to see Iwase Aiko (Fujimura Ayumi) to actually give Takagi a call and blurt out Niizuma's thoughts herself. Remember that she's in here for rivalry not to see Takagi fail helplessly. Nice work Miura. Saying that Iwase should like the idea that PCP will be going soon if Ashirogi's ranking keeps on going down.

Ashirogi's resolution to this lowering ranking is the adjustment of the art. Looks like Mashiro was focused on the art style of Detective TRAPP think that it's the one and only art style that could fit Takagi's PCP. It's pretty interesting how Niizuma immediately noticed the small changes that Mashiro is doing. With that, he showed Mashiro that EPIC chapter of CROWwith no dialogue. I was pretty surprised by the idea and was even more surprised with how well it was received. After that no-dialogue chapter of CROW, Niizuma and Iwase's chapter of +NATURAL became a bigger surprise. THAT CROSSOVER! I'd say that Iwase is that desperate since +NATURAL's anime wasn't probably that well received. LOL.

On a final note, Hiramaru Kazuya (Morita Masakazu) has finally made his appearance this season. And yes, it's the funniest part showed yet. His tea party with Aoki Yuriko (Kawasumi Ayako)! That tea mistake joke was freaking sold out to me. And this just confirmed that Yoshida Kouji (Koyasu Takehito) is only trolling on Hiramaru. Well at least for how~

The preview suggests that there would be an additional character in PCP  :3 I like the part in the manga when they showed some pages of PCP there. Hopefully they'll show them here as well. PCP is just my fave work by Ashirogi Mutou~

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