Kokoro Connect - 12 + 13

SO the TV run of Kokoro Connect had finally and I am more than excited to see the final arc of this series based on what Nagase questioned. I have no idea where that come from but probably she just suddenly questioned her 'feelings' since it was never really shown that she actually likes Taichi before Inaba did some fiddling on things :3

Anyway, the conclusion of this arc had been pretty good; but not very exciting. The best part I like about this is how much we are going deeper into the mystery (Heartseed #2 is an addition to the mystery) and how much I actually appreciated the new ideas that Kokoro Connect is trying to open up in here - the idea of going back to the past and recalling past memories that one must have or not have buried because of fun or painful experiences.

Episode 12
~ah… that was a pretty fast resolution. This episode took down Yui's and Aoki's past and current emotions all in one go. Although I don't think it's a bad idea.

This time reversal arc is mostly focusing on Yui, Aoki and their relationship with each other as seen through the resolution in this episode. In all honesty, I think that this arc had been pretty boring for me. Although I do like what's going on between Yui and Aoki and Yui's (probably) developing feelings for Aoiki.

When Aoki said: The one I love right now is Yui. But is that because she reminds me of Nana? I just have to completely agree. Of course it may not entirely be that. He could have developed other reasons through their interactions but it's not doubt that the first reason that triggered his feelings for Yui was her resemblance to Nana whether Aoki knows it or not.

As for Yui's part, she told Taichi: If the person who confessed their feelings first stops expressing their love, what is the other person supposed to do?. I found this question pretty interesting but it does give off a pretty simple answer - you do nothing and let the one who confessed do what they have to do. Unless you're too desperate and was just playing hard to get to begin with. HAHA.

I honestly didn't like Yui's side of the story in this arc. I much prefer her part during that 'unleashing of desires'-arc. Her struggle here does seem pretty real but not very interesting. And for Aoki, I think that I just got interested because we barely had anything about him. We all see Taichi-this and Taichi-that. Aoki never had any major events before this.

The cliffhanger is really interesting and I've really been waiting for that. Taichi's immunity to this scheme is a really interesting part of the story since Heartseed #2 did mention something like taking care of everyone.

Episode 13
So this final episode focused on Nagase. I actually saw this coming based on episode 12 since Taichi asked Iori about her mother (or something like that) and her answer was a little bit off. It's pretty obvious that something must be up.

Taichi's consequence for telling everything is probably something fans are probably waiting - Taichi's time reversed. Although the biggest problem they encountered in here is the irregular time of time reversal. It was like switching bodies but this is far more difficult.

Now that Taichi had also experience the difficulty of having your past memories rushing back at you, I really like how his discussion with Nagase went (~ah… it reminds me of their first serious discussion during the first arc :3). Nagase said: It brings back a lot of thoughts and regrets you might have had. Times where you wished you had acted differently, or wonder if doing something another way would have been better. These words of Nagase probably became the number one point of Heartseed when he gave Nagase an option of redoing her past. These words had been a very typical idea but I actually find this one of the most interesting things that Kokoro Connect had brought up.

Nagases's reply to Heartseed had been pretty brave and beautiful. She said, I am who I am now because of everything that's happened. If I try to deny my past, I'm denying the person I've become. In my point-of-view, in Nagase's position it's a really difficult situation. Of course there's a part of her that wants to redo things and make her life and her mother's better. Although going back to the past could not guarantee for things to get better. He decision of not going back is probably due to her friends and how much they have supported her throughout everything. Her multi-personality is something that everyone had already accepted and that makes her unique.

As for the Heartseed and Heartseed #2 issue, I wasn't the least surprised of the two of them working separately. But the thing is, I'm still being bothered of their point in doing all of this. Sure it's a good thing that they (???) are helping Taichi and the rest to get to know themselves better. But as what Heartseed had pointed out over and over, he's all in it for the entertainment - for seeing how they react to the phenomenon. With where the series is going, I doubt that they will reveal anything about Heartseed(s) in the final arc.

Nagase's multi-personality comes back to the spotlight. Her 2nd father being violent is nothing surprising. With the drama-style that Kokoro Connect had established, I think that it's pretty typical. Although the surprising part comes when her mother just said it all out to her father. I guess she's more capable that I imagined her to be.

The last part of this episode had been very, very interesting. After going through the Yui and Aoki relationship, looks like we'll be looking deeper on the Nagase and Taichi relationship. Nagase's doubting question of do I truly love Yaegashi Taichi? had been a very great cliffhanger for all of us to look forward to the final arc.

SO that ends the TV run of Kokoro Connect. The final arc will be released on BD/DVD and I have no idea when will that be exactly but definitely not now based on this news.
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