Sword Art Online 15: Sugou Nobuyuki is the next Kayaba Akihiko but with an evil motive?

Watched it late. I watched all fall series I wanted to see first and when I have nothing more to watch… I watched this. AND it turned out as I expected it too be. We dig in to Kirito's story (I'm not using Kazuto or any other name. Changing names is a real pain x_x), we see his 'sister' and we see Asuna's condition. Now who's ready for the next OL game to be explored? :D

First off, I'd like to say that this episode has nicely shown us that despite the 2months difference from the completion of the game, Kirito still has some habits lefts from the game. Something you've been doing for 2years isn't really easy to shrug off in just 2months. It was funny how he was thinking of SAO while he was sparring Kendo with Suguha (Taketatsu Ayana). Ahh~ seeing him think about how Heathcliff probably couldn't have hit him or how he places the shinai (it's the sword used in Kendo. ~oh the terms I knew from reading manga -_-) at his back was funny.

I'm pretty sure everyone remembers ep4 where in Kirito was talking to Silica about his imouto who's actually his cousin. Now we finally get to see Kirito's 'imouto'. I like how she was shown in this episode. Her introduction was pretty smooth. In all honesty, I find it quite peculiar that she's in love with Kirito. I'm not a fan of incest so I definitely don't like the idea. She seems pretty heart broken whenever Kirito would mention Asuna but as expected, she's still out there cheering for Kirito to have Asuna~

Now we're introduced to Sugou Nobuyuki (Koyasu Takehitowho's most likely controlling the next world we'll encounter. It's clearly obvious in here how he'll actually be the one to do it. With two weeks before his wedding with Asuna, it makes me wonder how Kirito will actually be able to stop him. Of course it's pretty obvious that he'll play the new game as seen by the mail given by Agil. Seeing Asuna in the game, that's an automatic I'm on for Kirito.

How the new world will be? Base on the OP, it'll include flying and the players will be fairies :3 My friend told me that avatars are allowed therefore we probably have to remember new faces again (or I guess just a little new looks). AND we'll definitely see more of Kirito's imouto here :D My question here is that whether they can actually log out of the game… Makes me wonder… But most likely they can. Making another no-logging-out twist could make things boring -_-

On a final note, this episode had cleared that Kirito is actually good at PCs. His programming abilities is probably good which explains how he was able to turn Yui's tear into a SAO in-game item. It could also be an explanation how he was able to revive after his HP goes 0 on his fight with Heathcliff. He could have done some cheating (or something like it~), just an idea though. I'm not really saying he actually cheated since I can't think of a proper explanation for what happened back there.

In an overall look on this episode, I'd say that this works out pretty well as an episode in between SAO and ALO (the next world) :D Now, I'm looking forward to seeing the next world and the mechanics will go there. AND not to forget how will Kirito be able to put a stop on Asuna and Sugou's wedding :3
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