Bakuman 2 – Episode 1: Silence and the Party

After about half a year of waiting since the ending of the first season last April, Bakuman 2 is finally starting and begins off with many new interesting characters to introduce.
OP: "Dream of Life" by Shohei Itou (伊藤祥平)

Beginning from where last season left off, Moritaka Mashiro (Abe, Atsushi) and Akito Takagi (Hino, Satoshi) are finally serialized in Shounen Jack (a parody of Shounen Jump) with Gorou Miura (Kirii, Daisuke) as their new editor. It sure was good to have Akira Hattori (Tone, Kentarou) as their editor that’s why Takagi said that getting an editor is similar to a lottery, it’s a winner or loser kind of thing and Hattori is a winner. With this jolly 23-yr.old editor, Mashiro isstill thinking whether Miura a winner or a loser.

The next day (is it?), Mashiro and Takagi met their assistants, Natsuki Katou (Honda,Youko), Shoyo Takahama and Ogawa. Ogawa, as a professional assistant, showed his ability as a chief-assistant on their first meeting as he tests the skills of both Katou and Takahama. Katou, on the other hand, seems to be the friendly type of assistant while Takahama doesn’t show any interest in Ashirogi, Mutou.

Moving to Shounen Jack’s New Year’s Party where current Jack authors are suppose to go to, Mashiro and Takagi are astounded with the luxurious look of the venue and seeing many authors in one place at the same time. They met a couple of authors such as Kazuya Hiramaru (Morita, Masakazu) and Arai-sensei, the author of Cheese Okaki. They also met Torishima who was a good friend of Mashiro’s late uncle, Nobuhiro Mashiro (a.k.a. Kawaguchi, Taro). By the end of the New Year’s Party, Mashiro mails Miho Azuki (Hayami, Saori) which made her smile. With that, the first episode wraps up.

From where the first season left off, the cliff-hanger has pretty good and made me look forward to this second season and unfortunately the opening episode of this second season looks interesting though I was actually expecting something more. The opening of the episode, starting off with the supposedly opening song of ‘Detective Trap’ was pretty interesting and it reminded me of the opening of the first season though this one ended up being Mashiro’s dream while last season’s was actually the opening of Kawaguchi, Taro’s ‘Super Hero Legend’.

Comparing the opening episode of the first and second season, the first season definitely had the interesting impact because of the beginning of Mashiro and Takagi’s dream while this season, on the other hand, is the beginning of their serialization though they haven’t really started doing anything manga related yet though I’d say that it’s a pretty interesting start. The beginning was actually the usual Bakuman with more talk than action. But then, things started going interesting once Ashirogi-sensei went to the New Year’s Party were they met Nizuma (Okamoto, Nobuhiko) and Hiramaru who is said to have talent.

The introduction of the new characters is really interesting. I have to admit that Kirii, Daisuke definitely did a good job with Miura. His voice definitely fit the Miura I was imagining whenever I am reading the manga. As for Hiramaru, I was thinking of something like Niizuma voice but more mature. Anyway, for this episode, Hiramaru showed a serious type of character. With how I liked him in the manga, I would definitely like to see more of him on the following episodes. As for the assistants, Takahama definitely caught my attention. I can’t really recall him much from the manga during this chapter because I was never a fan of him but seeing him give Mashiro that really bad look made me just want to throw him out of the scene. Forgetting that I would like to see how he, as well as the others, will start of as an assistant for Ashirogi-sensei.

As for those who haven’t read or doesn’t have any plans on reading the manga, there are many interesting thoughts on this episode. First things first, how will Detective Trap go now that it has been serialized? Also, with a jolly looking editor, how will things go for Mashiro and Takagi? Plus, is this serious-looking new mangaka be of any threat to Ashirogi Mutou? Now, with the preview given, what is this about Miho? What is going on with her?

ED: "monochrome rainbow" by Tommy heavenly6

Episode 2 Preview:

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