Bakuman 2 – Episode 4: Support and Patience

So who’s guessing how long Trap will last under Miura’s hands? For the record, the more episodes I see, the more I get pissed off with Miura. Who knows, he might say next, “Trap is in 17, don’t’ worry it won’t get cancelled.”

So this episode has given all of us more background on how Miura is as an editor given the experience of Takahama. Well, if you’re going to count what Ashirogi’s experiencing right now, I’d say that Miura isn’t a very good editor at all. In simpler terms, in a gamble, he’s a loser. With Ashirogi’s ranking stapled at 9th, who knows when will it go down again? Could be next chapter. But then, after the serialization meeting done, it could just go down anytime soon and if worse comes to worst, it could get cancelled already.

As for Miura’s decision on Trap, it’s already a given that being a bit new in the job, it seems that he still can’t make concrete decisions on his own. He asked opinions among the editors and it seems that he just gotten more confused than ever. With Hattori-san always looking at Miura, it’s obvious that he’s worried with Ashirogi-sensei being under Miura’s careless hands. But then, he believes that Ashirogi-sensei can make their decision on their own.

At the end of the day, Mashiro-kun spoke his mind after he recalled Niizuma-sensei’s words. Takagi might still be really hot about Miura’s decision but he was cooled down when Mashiro-kun gave his thoughts of keeping Trap the way it is. In the end, the road they’re going to take is building Trap in Jump and attract more readers. How long is it going to take for that to happen? Will they be able to attract enough fans for Trap before it gets cancelled?

Random Quote:

Manga is a gamble. We have to put something on the line and aim for the top! It’s better to fail doing that than to do nothing at all! –Takagi, Akito

Episode 5 Preview:

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