Bakuman – Chapter 150: Selfishness and Favored

                I’d say that this chapter turned out better than I expected.

                After the tense battle between Nanamine-kun and Ashirogi-sensei, this chapter went on a lighter feel with a bit of comedy that went on the fans’ favor. First of all, as what everyone’s been wishing (through the comments I read in forums), Nanamine-kun’s officially getting off of Bakuman (I just assume since he’s not allowed to write for Jump anymore). Or is he? Honestly speaking, as a fan of Nanamine-kun, I don’t want him to go just yet. With the huge change that just happened this chapter, I guess I can’t say just yet that this is the last time we’ll see Nanamine-kun.

                What really stirred this chapter is the assignment of the new editor-in-chief and vice editor-in-chief. With editor-in-chief, Sasaki-san, being moved to another magazine as well as team leader, Nakano-san (whom I seriously can’t remember what he did in the entire series. What manga is he handling anyway?), Heishi-san, the vice editor-in-chief, will now be promoted to editor-in-chief. With Heishi-san still somewhat being a mystery to me, I can’t say for sure that he won’t be favoring Ashirogi-sensei as well since I remember very well that he’s one of those who voted for PCP to be serialized. Also, Heishi-san did a little comedy skit with his wife once he got home. Anyway, now we’ll surely see more of Heishi-san.

                As a farewell to being the editor-in-chief, Sasaki-san visited my two favorite mangakas, Niizuma-sensei and Ashirogi-sensei. Niizuma-sensei told the editor-in-chief that despite the great success of Crow, he’s still not number one yet. So he’s thinking of writing something bigger than Crow, yes? We’ll see about that. As for Sasaki-san’s visit to Ashirogi-sensei, we just saw more reminiscing that Niizuma-sensei’s. It seems that Kawaguchi Taro has told Sasaki-san to take good care of Mashiro-kun when he becomes a mangaka. Anyway, other than Sasaki-san telling Ashirogi-sensei that he has treated them specially, Sasaki-san also mentioned about checking out Niizuma’s new series.

                Enough said. I’m pretty sure that most fans are glad to have Nanamine-kun out of the scene and Niizuma-sensei back. For me, I’m pretty lonely with Nanamine-kun gone but really happy with Niizuma-sensei back. Also, I would like to see Niizuma-sensei’s “super cool dark hero.” I believe that it was said that he has never written one but who knows, maybe a genius like him can write any genre. Or not? I guess we’ll see about that.

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