Kimi to Boku. – Episode 3: The Straw-Colored Boy

With the 3rd episode still having the same feeling as the first two, I’m glad that I’m still not tired of it. More importantly, I didn’t expect that I’ll like Chizuru Tachibana (Irino, Miyu) since I’m not really a fan of the overly jolly people.

With the little brat, Masaki Sato, being with Shun and the rest, the opening of this episode made me laugh harder than before. With Shun being one of the densest guy I’ve ever seen and the twins doing that serious comedy on Shun, there’s no reason for me to drop this show just like most people. I’m certainly enjoying it as every episode progresses with the same kind of feeling and pure comedy that comes out from the serious faces of the twins, the annoying look on Kaname's face, the always nice and innocent looks on Shun's face and soon, Chizuru's lively act to pissed off Kaname.

The introduction of Chizuru went on being an interesting part of the story. Certainly, my mind somehow thought about who was it that he really played with when they were kids since Yuta and Yuki really do look alike. Anyway, with Chizuru around Yuki or maybe not even only around Yuki but the whole group as well, things have definitely become livelier.

Other than the interesting introduction of Chizuru and the denseness of Shun, the flashback on this chapter was certainly cute, as usual. Though it wasn’t entirely about the four guys (Yuki, Yuta, Shun and Kaname), it was still interesting and somehow touching in its own way. When Yuki and Chizuru are playing and can’t even talk to each other, somehow, I don’t know what to feel for Yuki. They went on and get a gashapon and climbed up a tree without even talking to each other. And finally, Chizuru fell off the tree and sadly when Yuki said his sorry, Chizuru just smiled at him without understanding what Yuki just said. But still the next day, Chizuru gave Yuta (thinking he was Yuki) the gashapon, said a couple of words Yuta can’t even understand and waved goodbye.

Anyway, with the cast actually growing and that little Masaki-chan whom might actually become a regular character in the show, I’m definitely not letting go of this show and I’m up to see more of their everyday life now that Chizuru has finally come. On the side note, this is actually the first time I actually noticed Miyu Irino’s voice and actually enjoyed it, most especially the time when he thought of Shun as Yuki’s girlfriend. I don’t know if it’s just me but somehow, I think he sounds like Mamoru Miyano’s Masaomi Kida from DURARARA!! there. Anyway I just might dig up some of his previous shows and watch them.

Shun-chan is completely clueless

Random Chat:

Masaki: I want Shun-chan to teach me!
Awkward silence…

Masaki: You’ve got it all wrong! Kaname, you jerk! Four eyes! Bookworm!
Kaname: Tsk! Why, you! You’re not the slightest bit cute.
Masaki left...
Shun (serious): Masaki-chan’s face was red. Does she have a cold?
Yuki: ahhh… Maybe she’s lovesick.
Shun (still serious): Maybe she stayed up late studying math.
Yuta: That’s right. She’s desperately trying to solve a love equation.
Shun (dead serious): Do you think she went to the hospital?
Kaname: You’re the one who needs to go to the hospital.
Shun (clueless): eh?

Episode 4 Preview:

for more screenshots: click here.
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