Bakuman – Chapter 149: Unique Flavor and Theme


               After Mashiro and Takagi decided on their strategy in defeating Nanamine-kun’s one-shot, the two of them were all fired up in finishing one chapter after another to make their “stand-alone that isn’t a stand-alone” chapter great. The conclusion to Nanamine-kun's desperate plan for revenge is finally revealed!

                Right before Christmas, everyone’s very busy in focusing on their respective manga chapter for issue 11 of the next year (on Bakuman time) to bring Nanamine-kun’s one-shot down. As for Takagi, he spends most of his time reading earlier volumes of PCP. When he was talking to Kaya about mystery stories not being interesting after reading them once. With this though, Takagi had an idea of what to write for their stand-alone chapter on the 11th issue.

                Meanwhile, Hattori still busies himself in convincing Azuma-sensei in writing manga together with him. After Hattori compared the names that came from Shinjitsu corp. and the manuscripts that Azuma-sensei made, Hattori just know exactly what to say to motivate Azuma-sensei in drawing manga. After Hattori told Azuma-sensei his thoughts on what makes Azuma-sensei’s manuscripts exceed the names written in Shinjitsu corp., Azuma-sensei was convinced to continue writing manga with Hattori.

                As for Kosugi who just read Nanamine-kun’s one-shot, he gave Nanamine-kun his opinion on what he thinks Nanamine-kun’s chapter lacks. But with great stubbornness and pride, Nanamine-kun disregarded Kosugi’s advice and even made a bet with him. The idea is that if Nanamine-kun’s one-shot grabs the 1st place, he gets to write his own (more like his corporation’s) names and manuscripts without Kosugi’s opinion and advice and if he gets the 2nd or 3rd place, he will admit that his “reasoning was wrong” and he will also write his first chapter with Kosugi’s advice.

                As the day of the 11th chapter result arrives, Ashirogi-sensei was very anxious of the results. With PCP coming in 2nd and Takahama’s Seigi no Mikata coming in 1st, the 3rd place was unexpectedly grab by Azuma-sensei’s filler one-shot which replaced Hiramaru’s manga for the issue. With this unexpected news, Ashirogi-sensei was very proud of Azuma-sensei while Nanamine-kun, on the other hand, was set in rage because of not only being defeated by Ashirogi-sensei, he was also beaten by Azuma-sensei whom he disposed off when he no longer needed his results. With Nanamine-kun’s defeat, Kosugi calmly explained to Nanamine-kun the weakness his manga observed despite having an outstanding story. As for Azuma-sensei, his decision to stop writing manga is pretty fine and his reason is really good.

                The conclusion of this Nanamine’s revenge-arc is pretty interesting. This chapter went by pretty fast but definitely understandable. This could be the last time we can see Nanamine-kun and everyone seems to be pretty happy about it. Now, I think that he’s officially gone for good. As for Kosugi, after his experience with Nanamine-kun, I’m pretty sure that he has become a better editor. I can somehow recall him when he just became the editor of Nanamine-kun and now, I’m pretty impressed as to how he understood the weakness of Nanamine-kun’s one-shot. As for Nanamine-kun, I just practically hated him when he started claiming that he’ll get the first place for sure. Now, look what he got, the 4th place, right below his cut-off rank. With Nanamine-kun being thrown out of Jump and doesn’t have any plans of switching to another magazine, I’m pretty sure that he’ll be out of the manga now. As for his ‘after-reaction’ about the ranking of his one-shot, chances are he’d shutdown his company. Now I’m thinking, I know I doubt Hibiki-sensei back then, at around chapter 147, but right after that chapter, he was never showed again. Plus, Nanamine-kun practically just went down because of himself as well. Why didn't Kosugi pointed out the theme before!? Oh well, too bad he was gone, I was actually looking forward for his new series and see the look on everyone’s faces when Nanamine-kun gets serialize. Oh, my broken dream… >A<

                As for the couple of pages Azuki was in, her reaction on Mashiro’s Merry Christmas email was epic. It made me laugh. Now, since the Nanamine’s arc is finally over, will the next chapters go back to the romance between Mashiro and Azuki just like what everyone is waiting for? As for me, I’m not really a big fan of Azuki and I don’t really mind not seeing her anymore until they get married. So, for the next chapters, I would like to see Niizuma-sensei back on the scene, starting the debut of his new manga and giving Ashirogi Mutou the motivation they really need to pull off a manga worth turning to an anime. As for Takahama’s rank this chapter, he’s reaction was never shown that’s why I’ve been thinking about it. Will his rank this chapter make any impact in the future because I’ve been noticing lately that he has been getting good results? Does anyone remember that arc wherein they were all preventing Niizuma-sensei to quit on Crow? As far as I can remember, he got a pretty good result on that arc as well, right? (or wrong?).

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