ENIGMA – Chapter 50: Key

                Now that Sumio finally found chief jailer Kuroiwa, how is he going to retrieve the ticket?

                The chapter opens with chief jailer Kuroiwa seeing the ticket itself from his notebook. Not knowing what it is, he attempted to rip it off but was stopped by Mitarai who alarmed Kuroiwa of the prisoners on the loose. Kuroiwa immediately ordered Mitarai of what he has to do but Sumio interfered. Using his telepathy, he talked to Mitarai pretending that he’s Kuroiwa and told him not to seal the south gate. Since Mitarai didn’t closed the south gate, Kuroiwa was pissed off that’s why he left his office and searched for Mitarai. He unknowingly left his notebook behind which gave Sumio the opportunity to take the ticket inside it. Yet other than the ticket, Sumio was able to find something more. After taking the ticket, Kuroiwa unexpectedly went back to the office to retrieve his notebook yet he found it missing on the table. In rage, thinking that an escaped prisoner took his notebook, he threatened Sumio who’s thinking of letting himself be seen since he has nowhere to go to. After Sumio stood up to run, a prisoner showed up and gave Kuroiwa a good punch on the face. The prisoner found Sumio but it seems that Sumio has a plan of his own.

                With five minutes to go, a prisoner who’s suppose to find Sumio was in panic and asked Akame if there’s any other way to get out. Not caring about the prisoners, Akame immediately took down the prisoner who was begging him for another way out. The prisoners who felt betrayed with what he did were set in rage. Until minutes later, all the cells suddenly opened with Sumio being accompanied by the prisoners themselves. Sumio declared that he has the master key for the entire prison. He bargained that if the prisoners side with him, he will give them the key which will lead to their freedom. Hearing this, the prisoners surrounded Akame. As for Akame, knowing that he is defeated, he fell down on his knees and Sumio took the ticket from his hand.

                After Sumio took Akame’s ticket, Akame walked out and wandered into a dark room cursing Sumio. He heard someone say something from the dark and out of nowhere, he felt as if his heart’s being ripped out. Next thing he knows, he’s seating in a tightly sealed and obviously dangerous chair inside a prison cell. As Kuroiwa woke up angered by the prisoners, he triggered the set up of Kirio’s prison which now Akame is in. Now that Kirio is out of the prison and with that seemingly-ready-to-hunt-Sumio attitude, what is he up to?

                This chapter had a very interesting turn of events but parting from that, I am actually a bit disappointed with this chapter. Knowing that Akame is actually the cannibal, I was expecting something big in defeating him. Though the part where Kirio comes in and exchange places with him was pretty good but in terms of Sumio defeating him, I was disappointed.

                Anyway, this chapter seems to mark the end of Akame Tsutomu, the so-called cannibal. Now that Sumio has both tickets, Sumio and the president are off to go to the next station knowing that the cannibal is already gone for good. Now that the cannibal is out of the game, the twist that just came in is Kirio. This chapter just gave everyone the idea that Kirio can actually exchange places with someone outside the prison cell, why didn’t he do so earlier? Anyway, with what he showed at the last page of the chapter, is he out to stop Sumio from heading to the next station? Is the issue about the cannibal actually over? 

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