Kimi to Boku. – Episode 1: Our 17th Spring

After a year of having knowledge of the seasonal anime, this is the first time I saw and watched a slice of life centered anime with pure guys as main characters. Compared to other slice of life anime which are presented with girls, I certainly enjoyed Kimi to Boku more.

OP: "Bye Bye (バイバイ)" by 7!!

I'm not really a fan of slice of life centered anime but it's good to watch every once in a while. As for the first episode of Kimi to Boku., I can see this as a pretty interesting slice of life and certainly something I instantly enjoyed though I'm pretty sure that not everyone's going to enjoy this all-boys slice of life anime. If you'll notice, I have more screenshots in this post compared to the others 'cause I enjoyed many scenes in this episode and would like to share it to everyone(:

Anyway the episode starts off with introducing a group of friends consisting of four guys, Kaname Tsukahara (Ono, Yuuki), Yuki (Kimura, Ryohei) & Yuta Asaba (Uchiyama, Kouki) and Shun Matsuoka (Toyonaga, Toshiyuki) who have known each other ever since they were kids. As I have mentioned earlier, this is my first time to see an all-guys in a slice of life anime. I found this more interesting than those all-girls slice of life anime such as K-ON!, Lucky Star, A Channel, and the likes though directly comparing them, I would have to say that they have completely different atmosphere.

Probably what really grabbed my interest here is the comedy. The four of them were simply having a normal day in their first day of school searching a club for Yuki. Yuki is not even a bit interested in joining one yet he still cooperates and simply tries everything they show him. Another funny part in here was the flashback wherein they were arguing about being in the middle shortens your lifespan. Anyway, when it comes to this light-hearted comedy type, I wouldn’t say that everyone would like this but I certainly enjoyed it.

Also, other than the comedy, what I also notice here is the neat and outstanding art. I’d have to say that the atmosphere of Kimi to Boku somehow reminded me of Hourou Musuko. It has this relaxing feeling to it which just calms you down while watching it. Also, J.C. Staff has amazed me again with that outstanding background. From the two J.C. Staff shows, I’ve watched this season, Kimi to Boku & Bakuman 2, both have outstanding background. And this is practically one of the things I admire about J.C. Staff.

Overall, Kimi to Boku has taken my attention from their first episode and hopefully won’t disappoint me until the end. My impression on this during the previews is practically just another slice of life anime that I could marathon after the season. But now, I see this as another slice of life anime that I could enjoy and probably make my top ten list for the year :D

ED: "Nakimushi. (なきむし。)" by Miku Sawai (沢井美空)

Episode 2 Preview:

for more screenshots: click here.


  1. will watch this soon. thanks for the review and for introducing this anime to me, ditck :)

  2. I agree that the art it definitely one of the best aspects about this show. The biggest issue for me, however, was that there is no point to the main characters being male. If you substitute them with females, it still works. The conversations and actions work regardless of sex, and at times work even better if the characters are female (like the brushing of hair and eating on the roof top).

    I'm glad though that you enjoy it so much :) I look forward to reading your thoughts on this anime through the rest of the season.

  3. @marinasauce:
    probably what they are doing does work for both sex but then, for some reasons (i don't even know myself), i was amused watching them..

    thanks, i would like to do my best in covering this series since this is my first season blogging anime(:


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