Kimi to Boku. – Episode 4: Noisy Medicine

I hate to say this but this episode turned out a little boring for me. There wasn’t anything catchy in this episode though a little development on Kaname’s character was actually made. Well, on the side note, does anyone really care about Kaname’s character?

Kaname’s probably the character I care for the least in Kimi to Boku. With this episode focusing on Kaname, that’s probably one reason why I became bored with this. Anyway, probably the most interesting part in here was when Kaname suddenly reminisce on their kindergarten when two assistant teachers (is it?) came. I’d say that his unrequited for their sensei is quite funny (on my side, that is). I mean he’s in kindergarten for crying out loud and he’s getting pissed off with one of the assistants because he seems to be in good terms (you know what I mean) with Kaori-sensei.

something definitely seems fishy here...

Well, like what was showed in the first episode, Kaname seems to have this soft side of him. Actually, through this episode, I’m glad to know more about Kaname other than how easily he gets pissed off. Through this episode, I see Kaname as one of those who lies to themselves or rather someone who hides their true feelings. Recall when Kaname was totally pissed off with the assistants (Azuma-sensei & Akira-sensei). By the end of the day, he said: Someday I hope, I can be just like him (Azuma-sensei). Well, I guess it can’t be completely counted as being dishonest to himself. Rather he just realized that there’s no reason to hate Azuma-sensei ‘cause in fact, Kaname just wants to be like that guy. Probably, one thing that Kaname showed that he’s lying to his real feelings was when Hisako Aida (Kaname’s childhood friend) saw Kaname smiling (or laughing) when all of the guys are on top of his legs. He was indeed hiding he’s true feelings ‘cause when they were about to go, he was like: they were a bother (or something like that) but through their visit, his fever actually went down. I guess even though they pissed him off (mostly Chizuru, that is), in reality, he’s really glad that they actually visit him.

Overall, despite being a half boring episode, I have to admit that knowing a little more about Kaname is pretty good too. In episode 2, we were able to learn a little bit more about Shun (how nice he is, etc – well actually Shun being nice is practically obvious) as well as Yuta (the look on his face when Shun was talking to Masaki and in the flashback when he was looking at the tulips moves me), last episode a little bit more on Yuki and Chizuru (‘cause apparently they met when they were kids. Though exploring their personalities and stories one more time could be a possibility). The following episodes could be on similar phase though hopefully a little funnier than this episode. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of Yuta.

Random Quote:

"It's okay Kaname-kun. There are always obstacles to love. They say your first love never works out. -Matsuoka, Shun"

Preview Episode 5:

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