Bakuman - Chapter 168: Correction and Declaration

I sure find this chapter really good. AND once again, I liked Miho(:

Fukuda sure did said it all.
Well he did said everything I had in mind. The idea of idols falling in love and die hard fans can't even take the idea which is really stupid. Moreover, Fukuda just revealed to everyone about Mashiro and Miho's story. I guess it's okay. No harm done on Fukuda and Giri. They said there have been a couple of positive feed backs but on Miho's part, things sure have gotten worse.
Other than the positive feedback on what Fukuda just said on the radio and the bit more damaged he has done to Miho, Fukuda was told to take back what he said. After what Miho has to say, I wonder about that. Plus, we all know Fukuda. He won't even think of taking it back anyway. Apologizing is one thing but taking back what has been strongly said is an entirely different story.

Miho must deny their relationship.
Sure it's probably sounds simple but I do believe that it's stupid to deny a true relationship. Moreover, it's the Miho and Mashiro relationship. The pure and innocent relationship that's always so cute to see.

how sweet :3
It's probably a good thing that Miho didn't even denied their relationship when she finally went on air in her radio show. This. This is the part in which I liked her again. She's brave and she truly loves Mashiro. Her memories with Mashiro was showed and I somehow felt said when I saw them while having the idea that she'll just deny him. ANYWAY, everyone sure was surprised when she did a straight up confession on airing radio. Better yet, she just declared their dream of Miho voicing Mashiro's manga and marrying. The marrying part sure is controversial. I wonder how will her fans react. What her manager will tell her after the radio show. What's going to happen next!?

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