Another - Episode 7: Sphere joint

This episode practically dealt with what happened 15yrs ago wherein the curse stopped midway. It's still a mystery but it looks like this year's class 3 is willing enough to try everything out to stop the curse.

Kubodera-sensei has lost it. He killed himself in front of his students. With a kitchen knife (I assume). He murdered his bedridden mother. He's a batchelor. Is this a result of the curse as well? Probably. Kubodera-sensei's death could most likely be part of the curse but it just didn't happened in an accident. Anyway, the interesting part in here is that along with Kubodera-sensei's suicide is the lifting of the non-existence of both Kouichi and Mei. I complete don't understand why is it that they exist now. That people are allowed to talk to them again.

is he looking at Kouichi?
and so, she's the first one to break the silence.
As I have said, there're aren't much things happened other than further discussions on what happened 15yrs ago. AND now, after Kubodera-sensei's death, Mikami-sensei has taken the initiative of taking class 3 to a class trip. The destination of the trip hasn’t been announced but has got to be to the shrine Chibiki has mentioned. What bothered me here is that when Chibiki was about to mention about the shrine being the place the class went to as well as the time 2 more people died, an image of the mansion in the OP was showed for a couple of seconds. What does that mean?

the mansion.
Other than Mikami-sensei's action of taking the class to a trip to the shrine, Teshigawara, Mochizuki, Izumi and Kouichi talked to Mochizuki's sister who was able to talked to a guy from class 3 15yrs ago. He mentioned something about saving the class and leaving something behind. I've been thinking about this thing quite a while. To put things together, the class went to the shrine for a class trip. This guy saved the class and two people die as well. Correct me if I'm wrong but did the two people died is what he was talking about he left behind? I wonder about that.

Finally, the commotion about who the heck is dead isn't over yet. Sure I had the idea that it was Kouichi and somehow, there're a couple of things that could strengthen this idea. First off, Izumi said that the dead is really cold but she did also said this time that she doesn't believe that. AND second, Teshigawara said that there's no way he's going to be the dead one since he clearly remembers everything he did in childhood which struck me with Kouichi whose past hasn't been revealed yet. Well, I'm not saying that it's necessary or anything but what I do remember is that his father blabbering something about getting back to Yomiyama after sometime and I still believe the fact that he can't remember that he lived in Yomiyama. Plus, remember Kouichi's dream? What does that suppose to mean? ANYWAY, since Izumi raised the idea and Mei said that it wasn't him, I kind of had second thoughts.

A couple of final questions I have in mind, Izumi mentioned something about meeting Kouichi before. What is their relation to each other. AND what's the point of knowing who's dead in the class?

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Episode 8 Preview:

Beach episode. Will this be good? x.x


  1. The mansion picture is it Kouichi's house or is it some unknown mansion? My guess if it's not Kouichi's it is the house where the undead lives. That is where Sakuragi showed up as well.

    1. the mansion sure is mysterious. since it was shown in this episode & shown in the preview for ep9, i'm now starting to think what really is its connection.

  2. Meh. I feel like this horror anime isn't being very horror-ish with the last couple episodes. The most this episode did was splatter some blood around at the beginning. I usually don't watch the previews of the next episode afterwards but since there's a beach scene coming up.. turns out Another is going to be almost Slice-of-Life-ish. And I'm sure some typical beach-anime-stuff will happen.

    1. i persobally have the same thoughts. if you haven't watch the beach episode, i suggest you dont expect so much from it.
      and yeah, as each episode goes, Another just gets less scarier it's disappointing.


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